Xbox One backwards compatibility update imminent

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 13, 2015

We have known when the Xbox One backwards compatibility update is coming out for a while now, in terms of the release date month, even though recent rumors point to the download possibly being available in late October 2015. The official stance is still “Nov 2015”, but there’s still a possibility of that being the 1st of the month or even Oct 31st, if gamers get lucky.

With the backwards compatibility update for Xbox One being imminent you would expect most comments in interviews pushing for information. This is exactly what we have seen in the last 3 days and throughout this month, thanks to Microsoft’s Phil Spencer holding interviews.

Xbox One backwards compatibility games list frozen until update – Spencer revealed in one interview that the list of Xbox 360 games that will work on Xbox One isn’t going to change, well not until after the update. This makes it clear their focus is on a stable release for the Xbox One software update, before they decide to expand the 100 odd games that are compatible.


We also know the project to get older games working on Xbox One has been ongoing for around “one year”. While the solution had been hard to find, it wasn’t until around 8 months in that they made real progress in making this a possibility for the gamer. There’s also hints towards getting Xbox 360 games to work on PC, but this is just an idea at this time.

Will you download the update for Xbox One backwards compatibility on day one, or wait to see if there’s teething problems first? It’s also worth noting that once the next Xbox One software update is installed, you will see digital titles appear under the Xbox One “Ready to Install” section, if they are part of the back compatible catalog. If you want to get an Xbox 360 game working on your Xbox One, then you need to insert the disc and it will start to download the game to your hard drive if it’s available.

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  • Tommy

    What if you don’t have the disc, but have the game downloaded from Xbox store on your 360? Would you be able to get it over to the ONE?

    • Jesus Torres

      im pretty sure as long ad your profile on the 360 is the same as your profile on the one

    • Joel Hurley

      It would appear under the ‘Ready to Install’ section. Say if you bought Black Ops 2 on the Xbox store for the Xbox 360, as long as Black ops 2 is in the backwards compatibility program, it will show up under ‘Ready to Install’, but only if you have the profile you bought it on, downloaded onto you’re Xbox one.

      • Aaron

        Speaking of Blops 2… Do you think it(along with other CoD titles) will be BC in the future? I expect Activision will announce they support BC after the release of Blops 3. They could be afraid BC will hurt sales of their newest CoD title. Next year, BC probably won’t factor in too much, but this year it could make a difference.

        • Aaron Brookes

          Black Ops 1 was leaked as an addition to Black Ops 3 the other day, so I imagine there might be going BC on them. Not sure however.

        • GrumpyCat

          I don’t see anywhere on the net that says Black Ops 1 was leaked as a addition to Black Ops 3. Do you have a source for that?

        • Aaron Brookes

          IGN posted it nearly a week ago, a Amazon site listed it up before taking it down. IGN had to take it down to stop any sort of backlash.

        • GrumpyCat

          Hmm, I’ll have to keep an eye out for that as the release date gets closer. It would be cool to at least play through the campaigns again of Black Ops 1 & 2 on Xbox One if they are made backwards compatible.

  • Jai

    As I thought, no new information.