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Tesco offer Pumpkin carving stencils with free templates

You have a number of choices when looking for Pumpkin carving stencils and the two main options would be free printable templates online normally in PDF form, or ordering at stores offline and online. Tesco offer the opportunity to purchase Pumpkin carving stencils just before Halloween 2015, although some people might not have seen their website guide section that features free Pumpkin carving stencils to download by PDF.

This particular section on Tesco urges people to get into the, “spirit of Halloween” by making your own Jack O’Lantern. They show you how to carve your Pumpkin into a Jack O’Lantern by using their free carving templates, as seen on this page at There might not be the range of templates seen on other websites, but the 9 carving stencils listed are pretty cool with options for Autumn leaves, the text “Treat” or “Trick”, The witching hour, Twit Twoo, Meow, Fang, Goofy, and the more traditional Scary face.


Where do you find your free Pumpkin carving stencils and templates online? Or, do you still prefer to purchase them from retailers? One thing is for sure, you really only need a printer and computer, tablet, or phone to get the ideal Pumpkin design in this day and age. Some streets really do battle it out to get the spookiest lantern, how will yours look?



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