Destiny Raid group finder for PS4, Xbox in Oct

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 11, 2015

Some gamers might be looking for the new Xur location every Friday, but conversation normally takes over with chat about a Destiny tracker and raid finder for PS4, Xbox One, and older consoles. If you are looking for a raid group in Destiny and want to find a good party for nightfalls, need a fireteam for raids, or weekly strikes then you would have reached out online at some point.

Product Reviews has had a lot of gamers trying to connect on many news posts and especially those in regard to Destiny. So, we wanted to offer a way to help those people connect on one page by browsing through like-minded gamer comments.

Destiny Raid Finder: Looking For Groups in October 2015 – Whether you are looking for Taken King raid parties, or Nightfall weekly raids, you can leave your platform and connect with others using the live chat and comment system below.


Remember to leave the platform you are on and any necessary game IDs, as this allows our gamer community to chat instantly. You can also see the current Xur location via this map and the Destiny Armsday start time along with current gear.

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  • Timothy Fenton

    Tbone_fenton on ps4 295 warlock I need mostly raids but I am more then happy to help on what ever

  • Alphee Russo

    40 hunter 292 light
    Add for raids and nightfalls

  • Tim

    If PS4 I’m up for it. Quests, nightfall, and raids for a Hunter level 40 light 295.

    • Timothy Fenton

      Hey I need more raid friends! Tbone_fenton is my gamer tag, and I’m on a lot so if you ever need assistance I’m am down for what ever

  • Juan

    I’m looking for people to join with, a 287 hunter.

  • Rebecca

    Need experienced people with nightfalls and new raid, sadly my crew hasn’t leveled up enough and I need help. Add on PS4 Troop49US.

  • Derek

    Add me, delboyuk, Hunter 40 290 I need to do nightfalls and looking for a good fireteam for raids.

  • Dean

    Add me danswayuk, I want to do weekly strikes, raids, and pretty much everything. I’m currently a hunter lvl 40 and light 287.