Xur selling items for Oct 9 are disappointing

It is almost time for Xur to arrive in the tower or reef again. As always we’ll be first to share what Xur is selling for October 9, as fans expect the Agent of the Nine to carry a new set of Year Two exotics.

Last week Xur did not carry a weapon but he was selling the Immolation Fists which was a nice Year Two exotic for Titans.

The week before though he had the Hawkmoon, so it will be very interesting to see if Xur’s Week 3 after the Year Two era will once again produce a set exotic weapon for players to buy.


A reminder that you can see Xur’s location on map for today by following our Xur tracker, but we will be updating this within the hour with Xur’s full inventory for 09/10/15.

What are you hoping to see sold from Xur this week, from Bungie’s Year Two supply of new exotics? Don’t forget to check out the latest information in unlocking the Sleeper Simulant which is easily one of the main talking points among the community at the moment.

Update: Xur is live but you probably won’t like what he is selling this week. Items include Claws of Ahamkara, Insurmountable Skullfort, Knucklehead Radar and a heavy weapon Legacy engram.

Are you disappointed with Xur’s stock this week?



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