PSN down with Party problems on Oct 9

Many gamers are reporting that their PSN is down on October 9 in relation to ongoing PSN Party chat problems. We have noticed ourselves that we keep getting kicked out of a Party and cannot make a new one at the moment.

A quick check on social media and we can see that there’s quite a number of users who are experiencing the same issue.

Right now if you try to join a PSN Party, you may get the ‘An Error has occurred’ message, over and over. As far as we’re aware, there had been no prior warning of service disruption from Sony but we’ll try to find an answer on this.


On the PSN server status website, there is no indication that PSN Party Chat on Oct 9 would be under maintenance.

Is this happening to you right now, or can you get into a party? Give us your status below and how long it has been going on if you can’t get into a party chat on PSN.



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