Fallout 4 install size for PS4, Xbox One debate

By Alan Ng - Oct 9, 2015

For those that want a heads-up on how big is Fallout 4 going to be on PS4 and Xbox One, we can now bring you that answer straight from Bethesda’s mouth.

The developer has revealed some key information about the game, starting with the minimum Fallout 4 PC system specs and now some vital information for console owners too.

You may be surprised to hear that Fallout 4 is ‘only’ going to be around 28-35GB in size on PS4 and Xbox One according to Bethesda.

We say surprised as gamers are accustomed to massive file sizes up to 50GB for most games – even non-RPGs. 28GB for an open-world game on the scale of Fallout 4 may seem small, but then it could also suggest that Bethesda is planning to utilize cloud technology to balance the game’s scope in terms of resources.


You shouldn’t be alarmed by automatically thinking that 28GB implies that Fallout 4 is going to be small. You only need to play any of the company’s previous games to realise that Bethesda simply doesn’t do small.

If anything, we should be rejoicing the fact that Bethesda has managed to get the file size well under 40GB rather than some of the negativity that we have seen flying around social media at the moment.

Are you personally surprised about the Fallout 4 file size on PS4 and Xbox One or not? Give us your thoughts on this below.

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  • I♥GummySharks

    It’s not the size that matters… It’s how you use it…

    Let’s hope that is true for Fallout 4… although to be honest I’ve done the research.

    Fallout 3 was 7 GB
    Fallout: New Vegas was 5.6 GB
    Oblivion was 4.6 GB
    Skyrim was 6 GB

    • DovaTwin99

      All games mentioned are on previous gen and require lesser hardware to run; the size of Fallout 4 should be compared to other games in the RPG genre on the current generation of console gaming. All games on last gen were tiny in comparison to the games on PS4 or XBOX ONE, where 500GB was once large 1TB is more reasonable and commonplace. Since the Witcher 3 is around 20% larger than Skyrim in map size, you would expect the size of Fallout 4 would be around 47GB, as it is expected to be the same size if not larger than Bethesda’s last open world game. I do expect a change before release, 35-45GB seems more reasonable for a game of Fallout’s caliber and large size.

      Regardless the game looks very good, and I am looking forward to playing it, as a wise user once said “It’s not the size that matters… It’s how you use it…”. a saying also said by small guys.