Buy PS4 Universal Remote online now

It has taken a while to come out, but now we’re pleased to finally be able to say that Sony has put the PS4 Universal Remote up for pre-order online.

The good thing about it is that in some retail locations, you can buy the PS4 Universal Remote online now – but different regions are showing different ship dates.

GameStop in the US for example have the remote in stock right now for $29.99, stating on their website that it can ship within 24 hours.


This is different to Amazon’s listing which says that the remote will be available on October 27 in the UK. We’re presuming that GameStop’s listing needs to be updated as the official PS Blog also states that the remote will be available at the end of October – however all orders made now will still be valid.

Aside from being able to control your PS4 UI, you can also use it to control your TV, cable box and audio receiver via Bluetooth.

Check out full details over at the Blog and let us know if you will be buying this for £27.99 or $29.99. Do you have a use for this in your home or not?



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