Street Fighter 5 PS4 beta ticket live

The second Street Fighter 5 beta test is on the way this month and now we can confirm that Capcom is already making preparations for it by sending out tickets.

We’ve just received a Street Fighter 5 ‘closed beta ticket’ which was available on the PlayStation Store as a PS Plus member exclusive.

The ticket doesn’t enable you to play straight away as far as we’re aware, so we’re guessing it is just to reserve access to the Street Fighter V beta 2 which Capcom has just announced on their blog here.


As per Capcom’s announcement, the beta will be running from October 22 until October 25 so you may want to start checking to see if you can get access in your region.

The ticket system above may only be for those in Asia, but Capcom may be sending out emails with your code right now if you are lucky.

Are you ready to beta test Street Fighter 5 before launch? We hear that this time, those on PS4 are going to be able to play together with those entering the Street Fighter 5 beta on PC – since it is cross-platform remember.

We can’t wait to play, can you?



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