FIFA 16 Web app price for Hero Sergio Aguero

The dust has settled on EA’s TOTW 4 announcement and now the battle begins to see who can get the best price for Man City’s new Hero Sergio Aguero on the FIFA 16 Web App.

Many players are using the Web App right now to conduct most of their transfer activity on the market. Right away for those that are interested, we can tell you that you will need to pay over 1 million coins if you want to get this version of Aguero with an 88 rating.

We had a quick look at the FIFA 16 transfer market and it looks like the average selling price is around 1.5 million coins. If you want to buy Aguero instantly, you are going to need to spend around 2 million coins which is somewhat ridiculous.


With that in mind, if anyone gets one of these inside a pack randomly then you should probably consider selling straight away for a massive profit that could last you throughout your FIFA 16 career.

Does anyone seriously have over 1 million coins to buy one of these cards outright legitimately? By that we mean not using any kinds of auto buyer bots to trade unfairly – which so many players do without second thought believing it is fine.

Let us know your thoughts on this week’s TOTW 4 selection and if you have managed to get any of the special cards inside a pack.

Will you be going for this Hero Aguero card or do you have no chance with the current climate of the FIFA 16 transfer market price ranges?



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