Destiny Armsday start time with Weapons for Oct 21

This is the hub which you can keep checking back to find out the time when Armsday starts for Destiny. Many players are still new to Banshee’s arrival every Wednesday so we want to make it clear to those with a confirmed ETA on when Banshee arrives in the tower.

When does Armsday start for Destiny: This is going to be at 2AM Pacific Time, 4am Eastern Time and 10am UK time. It is the same schedule that Xur abides by which should make it easy to follow – you essentially just have to remember that it takes place on a Wednesday on top of Xur’s normal Friday appearance.

Every Wednesday, Destiny’s Gunsmith Banshee will offer a new set of Field test weapons and also a set of Foundry Orders. Field test weapons you can get straight away, but Foundry Orders can be placed on a Wednesday and collected the following Wednesday at the same times as above.


With that in mind, what can we expect to see with the Destiny Armsday Field test weapons for October 21? Once Banshee’s stock is replenished, we will be updating this article below with the latest weapons for you to gaze up.

Field Weapons for Oct 21:

Suros TSA-10 – Auto Rifle
Häkke Test-A – Auto Rifle
Omolon Test FR1 – Fusion Rifle
Hakke Test-A – Shotgun
Häkke Test-A – Hand Cannon

Foundry Order Weapons for Oct 21:

Hakke Arminus-D – Auto Rifle
Suros DIS-43 – Scout Rifle
Hakke JUDITH-D – Hand Cannon
Omolon Ufferin HC4 – Hand Cannon
Hakke Lyudmila-D – Pulse Rifle

Let us know what you want to see and if you love the addition of a new Destiny event on Wednesday to look forward to each week before Xur takes over weekend proceedings.

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Bookmark this page and we will always have the latest weapons list for you to read through.



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