Destiny Curious Transceiver passcodes 1-4

You’ve all just started the First Firewall quest in Destiny and now you are stuck on finding out what the Destiny Curious Transceiver Passcodes 1,2,3 and 4 are.

Bungie has inserted a little brain teaser for Guardians, but now we can make it easy for you. Some of the geniuses over at Reddit have already cracked the codes and we can tell you how to get past this stage of the quest by following the right steps.

The codes for the Curious Transceiver quest in Destiny are as follows:

Curious Transceiver Passcode 1: U D U U D D D U D Passcode 2: U D U U D D U U Passcode 3: U D D D U D D D U U finally and Passcode 4: U D U D U D U U.


Input them correctly on the screen above and you should be able to pass without any problems. What is next after this? Keep track of the ongoing Search for the Sleeper Reddit page and you will be able to solve all of the puzzles with the rest of the community – it’s a fantastic effort right now.

Let us know if the codes worked for you and if you have managed to get to the next step. Who is going to be the first one to get the Sleeper Simulant?



Destiny First Firewall quest for Sleeper Simulant

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