Star Wars Battlefront beta PS4 Vs PC max settings stream

The Star Wars beta does not start officially until October 8, but we can already see that many players are on the servers right now thanks to EA’s Star Wars Battlefront beta Early Access event.

The good news, is that while you wait you can now tune in to as many Star Wars Battlefront live stream feeds as your mind can take.

EA are showing no signs of removing early footage, so it is go go go basically and this is a great preview to see how the game plays until access opens up for everyone.

We have included two live streams below, one running on PS4 and the other running on PC with max settings. If you need more live streams, simply bookmark this page which filters in all of the latest results on YouTube showing which streams are being hosted right this minute.


This is all the footage you could possibly get hold of and the action is taking place right now. If you can’t wait until October 8, check out the gameplay below and let us know what you think.

Will you be playing on the side of the Rebel Alliance, or the Galactic Empire? Do you think there is a major difference between the PS4 stream and PC running at max settings?



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