LoL patch 5.20 with Kindred release date

By Alan Ng - Oct 7, 2015

There is a lot of confusion in the air at the moment, with many League of Legends players wondering where is new champion Kindred after the latest LoL patch 5.19 went live.

For those that still don’t know, Kindred has been delayed. Riot has confirmed this in a new statement this week, apologising and saying that the new Kindred release date for LoL will be when LoL patch 5.20 is out.

Below is what Riot has had to say about the issue, revealing that the team discovered a ‘gameplay-impacting issue’ which meant that they couldn’t deploy Kindred in its current state.


Rather than fix up Kindred quickly and get the character pushed out into 5.19, Riot has now decided to take their time to ensure the character is fully ready and then release with the LoL patch 5.20 notes which are now in progress.

Obviously, it’s frustrating but Riot wouldn’t have pulled if it wasn’t a serious problem. Still, you can recap the patch 5.19 notes here to find out what else is new in the latest update as we all wait for League of Legends 5.20 to arrive.

Let us know your thoughts on the delay and your best theories as to what caused the Kindred bug in the first place.

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  • Tino Herrera

    I think they just want people focusing on worlds and thats why kindred isnt being released.

    • If that’s true, it’s pretty shitty. I mean, we’re watching Worlds anyway.

    • Kittles

      ive been telling my friends that Kindred most likely wont be released until after the championships.

      it just makes too much sense.

      if its a game crippling bug., it would have to do with the perm. stack abilities

      still though, i dont mind waiting.. i know kindred and I will become a triforce to be req. with.

      • Gamal Elkordy

        Kindred wouldn’t be in worlds. They’re playing worlds on patch 5.18. Even if they release her during it she wouldn’t be available.

        • Kittles

          I LOVE Kindred. Very fun but super squishy.

          Where as warwick level 5 i can solo dragon. My skills with kindred, well at level 4 gromp got me lol. That was my first play through but i learned.