Destiny First Firewall quest for Sleeper Simulant

Something very exciting just happened to Destiny players. The search on how to get the Sleeper Simulant exotic fusion rifle just got real with the sudden availability of the Destiny First Firewall quest.

This has just happened for the Weekly Reset and exactly at the same time in which Banshee brought new equipment for Destiny Armsday today.

The search for the Sleeper Simulant exotic fusion rifle has been growing over the last few days and now it looks like this First Firewall quest could put Guardians on the first steps to unlocking it.


Details are slim yet, as this has literally only just gone live in the game minutes ago. Confirmation of the First Firewall quest starting can be seen here over at Reddit, while you may also want to bookmark this page which will bring you up to speed on all whispers related to unlocking the Destiny Sleeper Simulant so far.

As we gather all of the intel so far, let us know if you have just got this mission right now in Destiny and are currently playing through it.

Leave your progress and tips below and let’s get the Sleeper Simulant in Destiny together. How far have you got on First Firewall?



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