WWE 2K16 Adam Rose reincarnation after push

There is something very interesting going on right now with WWE superstar Adam Rose. He has already been confirmed to be part of the WWE 2K16 roster, but fans may soon be wondering if 2K has plans to incorporate his new ‘reincarnation’ that is about to unfold on WWE TV.

If you watched the most recent episode of WWE Raw on Monday night, you’ll know that WWE aired a mysterious new promo featuring a different side of Rose that we haven’t seen before.

In other words, it looks like Adam Rose is finally going to get that serious push that his character and talent deserves and fans will be hoping that 2K are also paying attention with regards to making changes to WWE 2K16.


With WWE 2K16 launching on October 27, it may be too late to go in and remodify the character now so it resembles the iteration that WWE are going with on TV programming.

However, that doesn’t mean that it is out of the question in terms of future DLC. It looks like this new version of Rose is going to be very interesting and hopefully he will also make it into the game once it fully materialises.

Have you been wondering the same thing after watching this promo from RAW? Check out the mysterious clip below if you missed it and give us your thoughts and ideas on what Adam Rose could become – something attached to Halloween perhaps?



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