SWTOR down for Oct 5 launcher maintenance

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 5, 2015

Star Wars The Old Republic is down for scheduled launcher maintenance right now on October 5, 2015. This is why you will notice SWTOR servers down today and also the official website, as we have seen explained with an official statement on their server status page that’s located on the community pages.

We have included the update below that arrived earlier today and details that SWTOR servers will be down for, “scheduled maintenance”. You should see SWTOR Twitter support for further details about when servers will return and any delays in this maintenance schedule.


If you take a look at Twitter, you will notice they included a quick tweet within the hour that mentions all servers are unavailable “due to launcher maintenance”. It looks like you will need to be patient, as there’s no set time for when the servers will return. This has frustrated a few gamers, as we see many questions asking how long the downtime will be?

Did you expect SWTOR to be down today and if so, how long do you normally see this type of maintenance last? We will update this article when Star Wars: The Old Republic servers come back up, but feel free to let us know below if you see the game online before us.

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  • Ben

    You never know how long they will be down, just hoping it wont be long considering it’s scheduled, but we will see. I wanted to play right now as well.