Long PayPal payment process problems receive official comment

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 6, 2015

This article has since received an update after a PayPal spokesperson commented in regard to our article on slow PayPal payments. Take a look at the statement below this article.

We hearing from a number of people having PayPal payment problems and finding the process extremely slow today. This also includes issues getting money paid through eBay, which leads to users searching to find out how long PayPal payments take to clear, process fully, and go through to the desired account.

While PayPal isn’t down on October 5, 2015, it’s clear there has been problems for hours and no official statement has been left at the time of writing. We have included a few tweets in a screenshot below, although this is just a taste of the complaints that have been left in the last couple of hours.

They include users asking, “Is anyone else having PayPal transaction problems?”, others explaining they “can’t get through on phone and having serious problems”, and also plenty of PayPal users seeing they are “not the only one experiencing PayPal problems”. There’s lots of missing transactions and when trying to use the resolution center, or phone, it seems they are overwhelmed due to a busy phone signal.


Are your PayPal payments taking a long time to process today and if so, has any of the transactions appeared yet? Some users of this payment service also explained after logging in, the “page doesn’t load”. This again might be due to thousands of users refreshing pages over and over, looking for their missing transactions.


We also notice some people have had issues getting help even after contacting the phone help line. As you can see in another tweet above, they mention some advisors “refused to offer any help” and “hung up”. This might be an isolated case, but again we’d love to hear about your problems and help received below.

Feedback from a PayPal Spokesperson – “PayPal’s systems continue to securely process payments for our customers around the world. We have identified a technical issue that resulted in some payments not being immediately posted in a customer’s PayPal account, but this issue is rapidly being resolved. We regret any confusion or inconvenience this delay may have caused and encourage anyone who may be experiencing an issue to contact PayPal customer support so we can help.

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  • superg05

    paypal is so slow drafting money try to pay your credit bill with them it takes hours or a day it’s like they don’t want there money back

  • billnotben

    It seems random. While most payments appear as normal in the last few days I’ve had a couple of payments that took several hours to appear in My Paypal. They still showed as paid in ebay and the papypal emails still arrived but nothing in My Paypal. One was the usual so called instant payment the other a credit card payment through paypal.

  • Simon

    I have had lots of missing payments in PayPal today, cant get through to customer help either.