Skate 4 release date after THPS5 nightmare

After the terrible launch of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 which has been ripped apart by critics and gamers, we can unsurprisingly see an overwhelming demand for EA to step up and finally confirm a Skate 4 release date.

If you haven’t heard, THPS5 has launched with some quite unforgiving bugs – bugs which Activision states are now being addressed by developers Robomodo.

In the meantime though, we have noticed the increased talk on Skate 4 with many gamers now pleading with EA to launch Skate 4 after being very disappointed with THPS5 which cost the full $60 to buy.


So far, EA has not given any hints whatsoever that Skate 4 is on the way next year or the year after. It’s surprising since you would think that EA would want to cash-in on the demand and there certainly seems to be a massive demand for Skate 4 right now – even well before THPS5 was announced.

After seeing the poor review scores for that game, fans are only going to want Skate 4 even more and so now seems the perfect time for EA to make that decision.

We can see that it would be an instant purchase for many fans, with Skate regarded as the number one skate-boarding series in many eyes.

Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement before the end of the year – do you want EA to make this happen? They need to see the demand, so make your voices heard below.



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