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FIFA 16 FUT Jumbo Premium Gold Pack Live

If you play FIFA 16 Ultimate Team regularly and spend coins on packs, then you might have noticed the new FUT Jumbo Premium Gold Pack has just gone live to purchase for 300 FIFA points, or 15,000 gold coins. We’ve been hands-on with FIFA 16 over the past couple and this literally just landed on our PS4 version

The screenshot below was taken moments ago from a PS4 in the UK, although we believe the new promo pack will be live in all countries right now. The “Limited” FUT Jumbo Premium Gold Pack in FIFA 16 contains 7 races and 20 gold players, as well as 24 items in total.


You basically spend twice the 7,500 coins to gain an extra rare player, so if this is something that interests you then you should spend the coins now while the limited pack is available.

We mentioned the desire for FIFA 16 Promo Packs a couple of days ago, as such it’s nice to see a limited pack with extra rare players cards is now up for purchase. Will you be spending any coins on the FIFA 16 Jumbo Premium Gold packs today?

It’s worth mention the Jump Premium Gold Pack expires in under 3 hours with only 5 remaining on our system.



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