Broken Age PS4 review scores impressive

As most of you have probably heard by now, Sony has confirmed the official PS Plus October 2015 lineup. One of the free games on offer for PS4 is Broken Age – the popular adventure game from Double Fine Productions founder Tim Schafer.

Given that the game originally launched in April this year, many of you will now be looking for a Broken Age PS4 review to see if Sony has actually made a great decision in adding this to the Instant Game Collection.

We know that there won’t be a ‘AAA’ game for next month, but most of you may not realise that Broken Age has some fantastic review scores.


Just take a look at the Broken Age PS4 Metacritic page to see for yourself. The game currently holds an 81 Meta Score from critics and a 7.1 review from users leaving their own opinions on the game.

That is highly impressive and it includes a 93 from Game Informer and a 9.0 from IGN for Act 2, so that gives you some idea of how highly it is regarded.

We may not be getting Knack, Assassin’s Creed or anything of that ilk but are you happy that Sony is giving you the opportunity to enjoy a gem like this, which you would otherwise have never heard about?

Check out the review scores above and let us know your expectations of Broken AgeWe’ve also added one video user review below if you enjoy a gamer perspective too.



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