Tesla Model X interior options

When Apple or Google give you a time on when one of their events is about to start they are always on the ball, but this was not so with Tesla Motors, as their Model X unveil event was almost an hour late. However, this never deterred anyone in the audience and they were more than pleased once Elon Musk offered fresh new details on its upcoming SUV, and the company’s plans for the future.

Tesla Model X interior options, such as layout – There is a lot to focus on with the first Tesla SUV, but we thought we would take a little look at the current interior options available to you.

Tesla Model X options

First up is the color, as you can opt for Ultra White, Tan Leather or Black Leather seats – personally we prefer the tan. There also two interior layouts to choose from, and these are six or seven seat options.

The seven seat options will maximize the space you have in that third row for passengers, whereas the six-seat option will give two passengers more room at the rear, along with a decent amount of cargo space.

Estimated delivery for new Tesla Model X reservations will be in the latter half of 2016, and for those looking for more details, then you can sign-up to stay updated.



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