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Snapchat down right now, won’t load or refresh

We can see that many users are complaining that Snapchat is down right now, on Septemebr 30 with problems relating to Snapchat not loading or refreshing Snaps.

At the moment, there has been no word from the official Snapchat Support Team to suggest there is a problem, but if you look here at live results on Twitter – there definitely are some issues at the moment.

It’s obviously not the first time that this has happened this year, but hopefully Snapchat will be able to fix it soon and get Snapchat back up since it’s a frequent hassle with the app.


Above is some feedback from mobile users within the last hour, so this is an ongoing issue right now. Once we get some official word from the Snapchat team, we will update this with the latest Snapchat server status.

Is Snapchat down and not working for you in your area? Give us your experience below and if this is happening to you.



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