PS4 3.0 firmware update live at 250.3 MB

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 30, 2015

The Sony PS4 3.0 system firmware update has just gone live in the UK and most likely other parts of the world as well. We knew this software update was coming and kept an eye out for the official release notes on our PlayStation 4 system, which you can now see in full below.

While this is a major update for the PS4, the 3.0 firmware file size isn’t that big at just 250.3 MB. After the quick download, everything seemed to install fine, but this might not be the case for everyone due to some download problems always taking place due to corruption in rare cases. If you run into any download issues, install problems, or bugs after updating then let us know in the comments.


Did you install the PS4 3.0 firmware update and if so, what’s your thoughts on the new features? You can see some of the improvements within the PS4 changelog seen with the screenshots featured, although further details can be seen in our earlier article that contained a link to the full changelog.

More screenshots seen below, so take a look to see a highlight of the features mentioned during the firmware download.


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  • Kevin Kidder

    After update 3.0 I can not play any games digital or disk. It loads then crashes to desktop.

  • Phil cardy

    My ps4 wont enter sleep mode or play any games

  • Rory Campbell

    I can download the file and it starts to instal the uldate but at 67 percent it crashes and gives error message su -30631-3. I cannot sign in to psn or anything now

    • Ash

      I have the same issue mine hits 43% then the error msg comes up. I have spoken to Sony and they have given me some instructions which don’t work. I have emailed them again so will give you an update on this when I get a response

      • Rory Campbell

        Spoke to a very nice guy at playstation customer services and getting it fixed with the usual fee waived even tho I was 2 n half weeks over. Cant really complain even tho I now withbout ps4 for 3 weeks n blops 3 out soon lol

        • Ash

          Top man I will speak to them again as mine is still under warranty