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Mozilla Firefox update 41 problems after download

If you are not aware yet, there has been a new Mozilla Firefox update recently and already we can see that some users are complaining about various Firefox update problems after installing.

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox to download is 41 and it’s now available on OS X, Windows 10, Linux and Android.

Firstly, if you need a recap of what is new in Mozilla Firefox 41 you can check out the official notes over on Mozilla’s website here.


Two key features that the company has added include a built-in instant messenger service which is available to those that are using Firefox Hello.

There’s also the option to set a profile picture for your Firefox Account for those that use this aspect of Firefox often.

Some users are still seeing frequent Mozilla Firefox crashes though, although this happens to everyone once in a while and not necessarily attached to Firefox 41 specifically.

For those using Twitch on the latest version of Firefox – have you spotted any issues too? Since we have seen that others have also reported some crashes relating to Twitch within the week.

Tell us about your experiences with the new version of Firefox and if you have any problems to report below.



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