Destiny Armsday Order weapons list for Sept 30

Attention all guardians now as Banshee-44 has once again appeared to take your weekly orders. We now have the confirmed Destiny Armsday Order weapons list for September 30 to share with you.

If you have been following the recent arrival of the Gunsmith after the launch of the Taken King, you should know by now that he comes with new goodies for you to test out every single Wednesday.

For those asking what time does Banshee arrive – it should be the same time as when Xur arrives so 10am PST, 2am PST and 5am Eastern Time.


This week, Banshee has an interesting selection for you to choose from and remember that you’ll have to wait for a week for new Legendary Foundry weapon orders to arrive.

Those looking for today’s Field Test weapons, they are as follows: Omolon Test FR1 Fusion Rifle, Omolon Test HC1 Hand Cannon, Suros TSP-10 Pulse Rifle, Hakke Test-A Sniper Rifle and the Omolon Test RR1 Sniper Rifle.

Let us know your thoughts on the selection his week and which out of the list above you are going to pick for testing.

Are you loving this new event every Wednesday with the Destiny Gunsmith or not?



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