Battlelog update with Sept 30 patch notes for BF4, BFH

For those wondering why Battlelog is down on September 30, we can remind you that there is scheduled downtime with a new Battlelog update landing today.

Developers of BF4 DICE, has let everyone know that this Battlelog update will apply to all games, so Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline and BF3 players are included.

More importantly, Battlelog should be back up in around one hour according to DICE’s estimated schedule. They have said that once Battlelog is up again, the patch notes will be revealed – so stay tuned for that.


What are you expecting to see for this surprise database update? The Battlelog September 30 patch notes will be revealed on Battlelog so we will bring them to you as soon as they are live.

Right now, you should be getting the Battlelog ‘update in progress’ message, so just hang in there. Let us know if you are eagerly awaiting the patch notes and what you want to see.



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