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New Snapchat update with Gold Star emoji

A new Snapchat update is now rolling out to a wide number of users this week and it adds another set of new Snapchat Emojis for you to use.

Right away we can see that many of you are asking how to use the new Snapchat update, particularly due to the inclusion of a Gold star emoji in Snapchat.

Before you all start panicking on what the new Gold star does in Snapchat and if it means that somebody has replayed your Snap – it doesn’t.


The Gold star meaning in Snapchat is actually an indication to show that one or more of a recipient’s friends replayed snaps of theirs in the past 24 hours – as highlighted above.

So you are safe for now if you want to keep the surprise element on your personal Snaps. Let us know what you think of the new Snapchat update this week and if you are also curious about the Gold Star emoji.

What are you waiting to see with the next Snapchat update in October?



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