FIFA 16 Searching for Opponent matchmaking fix

We have been playing FIFA 16 Ultimate Team since launch and we have noticed that there appears to be frequent issues with regards to finding opponents to play in online modes.

Specifically, many users are complaining that they can’t find an opponent in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team online and are constantly waiting for long periods of time on the FIFA 16 ‘Searching for Opponent’ screen.

We have done some digging on this issue and found out that there are a lot of players who are suffering from the same problem right now.


You can see an ongoing discussion on the official FIFA 16 forums about it, although there does appear to be a potential FIFA 16 matchmaking fix that you may want to try if you can never get into a FIFA 16 game online.

To try the fix, go to Customize > Online Settings> Matchmaking> and then toggle the option to ‘No’, which will then turn off local IP matchmaking.


This isn’t ideal though, as obviously using this method could open you up to playing matches in completely different regions and thus increasing the likelihood of experiencing lag.

Still, you could try it out for a few matches and see if your situation improves. Have you been seeing the Searching for Opponent message constantly in your area?

Get in touch with us below with your experience and let us know how you get on.



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