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Clash of Clans October 2015 update for TH11

We are approaching the start of another new month and that can only mean one thing for Clash of Clan chiefs – a new Clash of Clans October 2015 update for new features from Supercell.

Straight away, it’s no secret to say that the single most requested feature of the next major CoC update is the arrival of Town Hall 11 for Clash of Clans.

Players have been waiting for this all year, but so far Supercell hasn’t given in and have been saving it for something special.

You may not realise, but there is going to be a massive Clash of Clans event on October 24 with ClashCon being held over in Helsinki Finland.

Word has it that Supercell are going to be preparing a big update in conjunction with this event and hopefully it could be the moment when Clash of Clans TH11 is finally released for everyone.


Assuming that TH11 for CoC is on the way, then another new feature that could be coming to supplement that is Level 8 Barbarians.

There has been increased hints that Barbarians are getting an upgrade soon and don’t forget about the Dark Barracks ‘Coming soon’ tiles either – there are four of them so that is definitely going to see some upgrades when the next CoC update is out.

With this in mind, all eyes are now on the first Clash of Clans October 2015 update Sneak Peeks 1, 2, 3 and 4. Are you excited about the possible arrival of Town Hall 11 – do you think it will finally happen?

Also, are you planning to attend ClashCon on October 24?



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