Various iOS 9.0.1 problems after update, 9.0.2 needed

By Peter Chubb - Sep 28, 2015

When Apple released its first iOS 8 update, 8.0.1 it came with several issues that angered many users, although more so those that were having WiFi issue. This kept going on over several other updates, but only for a limited number of users. However, with a new version of Apple’s mobile operating system comes new issues, and there are already various iOS 9.0.1 problems after the update.

One such issue is major one, although only specific to the iPhone 6S and those apps that have to make use of its compass, along with its gyroscope data. We have already seen a number of complaints that this issue is affecting key assets, and so the apps are rendered useless.

iOS 9.0.2 update needed

Sky Guide is a fine example of this, as you have to point the phone up to the stars and you should see a great deal of images and details on the screen, yet on the iPhone 6S the display drifts wildly.

iOS 9.0.2 update need to fix other 9.0.1 issues – There are also various other issues after people had downloaded the latest update, such as some people reporting issues with the App Store, like as still not able to download updates.

Call logs have also vanished, as has the cellular data toggle for apps. Users have also been complaining about the new Search features not working as they should, and an extreme lag in Game Center.

However what worries us is that we have also heard from some of our readers that since updating to iOS 9.0.1 they now have issues with Wi-Fi, so a repeat from last year. Although there have also been a few complaints on battery life, which we have already tried to help people with in a recent article.

What problems do you have since updating to iOS 9.0.1?

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  • Esteban Romero

    The only problem i seem to have is that I can no longer here Siri after the latest update and that bugs me a lot

  • Shari Shari Violette Scheib

    After updating to iOS 9.0.1 and 9.0.2, my phone freezes, crashes and my visual voicemail fails and my text messages won’t load (crashes). I still have 3GB of space left so i don’t think it’s run out of operating space. Can I reverse the update or is there a fix?

  • Ni’shae Butler

    I’m having a problem with the iOS 9.0.2 my phone will not charge it’s been on 13 for the last couple of days😭😭😭

  • Chandra

    I’m having problems with any iMessage trying to send with the 9.0.2 update 😡

  • Hiren Rathod

    In update ios 9.02 has problem in compass so cant use compass

  • Mark McWaters

    Chalk up another user without Visual Voicemail. Did all the stuff–changed password, restarted–nothing. Now Apple has slammed the door for us who want to go back to 8.4.1. Awesome.

  • Eddie

    I can’t access other apps whilst listening to music? I have to stay on the music app and if I change apps the music automatically stops playing!

  • Ted Cregger

    After updating to iOS 9 my visual voicemail is no longer available. This is VERY frustrating!!!!

  • Keith

    My Siri on iOS 9.0.1 has been unresponsive and leaves me a message saying it having trouble connecting. Siri is useless on my iPhone 6S.

  • Derek Witt

    Under 9.0.1, my 5S’s clock is 2 minutes fast when set to automatic (when connecting to Verizon Wireless towers). 9.1 Beta 2 seems to have resolved that issue. Apple has been dropping the ball when it comes to quality of its firmware!

  • Dikkens

    I still have the same probleem I’ve had with iOS9 GM ios9 and ios9.0.1. I can’t switch cellular data back on for apps that I have switched this of for. This can be extremely annoying making this apps useless when on the go..

  • Smoxy

    i have an iphone 6: i can’t surf internet (only in safari) without wifi, my carrier don’t work after update iOS 9.0.1

  • Jill

    The Game Center problem is my biggest complaint. I really don’t care about the data that Game Center collects, the lag has just rendered several of my favorite games useless because they will not load no matter how long I wait for them 🙁

  • Milo Tellis

    Message glitch when you send a text as SMS, not iMessage. It shows the recording bar which blocks the text box preventing me to type. To fix the issue temporarily, force close the app and open it.

  • Chvase

    My frontal camera microphone and Siri does not work any more…

  • Ian

    I cant use my cellular data! 3g and lte! Fix this please!

  • Kiev

    Really guys? These are random bugs generated from a bad install! If you’re having a really bad bug, DO A CLEAN INSTALL OVER ITUNES. Gee whiz, did ya think doing it over the air is the safest way to install an OPERATING SYSTEM? Many files can become corrupted, especially over cellular! You are going to blame Apple over a bad operating system when you are downloading it over carrier waves that are finicky themselves? Worse still, you don’t even think about doing a clean install but still continue to blame Apple?

    I’m running iOS 9.0.1 and don’t have a single major bug other than some occasional UI guitches. Figure out to resolve problems before you go out and blame a company for it.

    • Kiev

      I failed to mention, on an iPhone 6 Plus.

      • Tom

        See heres the problem the cellular data bug is really jarring though since even if you do a clean install the bug persists because it is a programming flaw in ios 9, meaning the clean install will fix it but if u want to turn data off and on individual apps your’re gonna have to do a clean install every single time.

        • Susan Longman Saunders

          In general with the iPhone 6 and all updates, I find it frustrating that when reading something on Facebook (that’s where I see it the most) I am unable to easily scroll through an article as it freezes. This has been very frustrating ever since I got this new phone a few months ago. Please fix this!!!

    • Chandra Huang

      A good software doesnt need consumer to solve problem, it should be a no problem software, it should be an upgrade, not a clean install!, think before u talk