PSN down with Sept 28 sign-in problems

By Alan Ng - Sep 28, 2015

We are getting reports that PSN is down on September 28 with many gamers saying that they can’t sign in to PSN right now.

It is worth pointing out straight away that this doesn’t appear to be a a widespread outage. We can confirm that those who are already signed into PSN are not getting kicked out, so this is just for some users trying to sign in at the moment – stay signed in if you are reading this now.

You can see the live results from gamers saying that PSN is down here, but we’ve included an example below just to confirm that there’s definitely an issue.


The official PSN server status down checker doesn’t appear to show any problems at the moment, but this may change in the next few minutes so we suggest you keep an eye on it.

We’ll update this once we get any developments from Sony. Can you log into PSN right now, or is the service down today for you? List your area if PSN is down in US, UK or other parts of the world today.

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