New Xbox One bundles for Sept 28 – Oct 2

We have a reminder to all Xbox fans that Microsoft will be unveiling a surprise new Xbox One bundle on Monday September 28 as part of a special 5-day event.

If you have been waiting for the perfect Xbox One bundle to arrive before heading into next-gen, you definitely want to keep your eyes peeled on the reveals this week.

Major Hryb has said that a new Xbox One bundle will be revealed every week just in time for the Holiday season. There’s some major games coming out very soon so there’s a good chance that fans are already predicting what may come.


After all, Microsoft has an agreement with Bethesda for the Creation Kit and a free copy of Fallout 3 for when Fallout 4 arrives. With this in mind we wouldn’t be surprised at all if one of these reveals turned out to be an Xbox One Fallout 4 console bundle.

PS4 owners already have their Star Wars Battlefront bundle so we are also expecting Microsoft to bring out an Xbox One Stars Wars Battlefront bundle too – it’s only fair after all.

What are your predictions for the bundles during the week? List your games below and let’s see who ends up correct at the end of the week.



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