Facebook still down across the UK for almost hour

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 28, 2015

Facebook is still down across the UK on September 28, 2015. The outage is now coming up to an hour and this follows earlier reports of problems around the world, which included parts of the United States, Germany, China, and many other countries. There’s been no press statements at this time, although the majority of mainstream media picked up on this story right away.

It’s not clear why Facebook is still down only in the UK, especially considering the problems took place globally to start with, but the situation will likely become clear in the coming minutes and hours. Hopefully, we will receive a press statement once everyone can access Facebook again and the servers come back up to full form.


Is Facebook down for you right now on Sept 28? If so, you can leave a comment below with your country and nearest city. Also, feel free to leave feedback in our outage section while we wait for further information, as to why the outage started in the first place.

This story is developing and when Facebook comes back up, we will leave an update. Another outage website called Down Today, is also receiving a lot of comments with locations and exact errors being reported.

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  • Sune Beck

    Down in Sweden

  • Kymberley Nessie Topaz

    down in wales

  • louise

    down in sheffield

  • James

    Still down near London UK

  • weezerlain

    Down in Tucson AZ

  • lee

    down in suffolk

  • Lou

    Down in Birmingham, UK

  • Ben

    Still down in the UK, anywhere else or just UK for us all?