Yahoo Mail down with Sept 24 sign in status

It looks like there some serious problems with Yahoo Mail down on September 24 today. We are seeing many complaints on social media with users saying that they can’t sign into Yahoo Mail today and we have already seen an official statement from Yahoo which we can share with you.

As far as we’re aware, this could be a Yahoo Mail outage in US as well as Europe so it is a very big issue. The good news is that the Yahoo technical team are already on the case and will hopefully have the Yahoo Mail log in status back up within the hour.


Above is the response from the official Yahoo Mail Team left just a few minutes ago, so you can rest assured that they are working on the problems as we speak.

Confirmation of the Yahoo Mail service being down globally can be seen here, with live reports coming in from users by the minute.

Is Yahoo Mail down right now for you in your area? We’ll update this once we hear back from Yahoo with the next status.



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