PES 2016 roster update release time

By Alan Ng - Sep 25, 2015

If you are playing PES 2016 right now, the only thing that will be on your mind is – what on earth are Konami playing at with regards to the delayed PES 2016 roster update release time?

A PES 2016 patch for squad updates has not happened since launch, which means that die hard players are waiting for the correct and up-to-date squads before starting their Master League campaign.

The most frustrating aspect is that Konami hasn’t given a specific reason why it is taking so long to update the PES 2016 teams, especially when EA do it for FIFA 16 frequently without fanfare.


We can bring you some feedback on this issue now, both from fans who are obviously a little unhappy that this is the biggest talking point since they decided to buy PES 2016 over FIFA 16 and also the official word from Konami.

A statement from Konami on when the PES 2016 teams will be updated can be seen in full below. They have said that their priority is to make sure that online is functioning properly – but then shouldn’t they delegate a few members of their team specifically to ensure that all teams and PES 2016 rosters are updated at the end of every week – taking into account injures, suspensions and in-form players etc?


We’ve also added Konami’s latest reply from September 18 on the matter, which includes a crucial heads-up that news on the PES 2016 transfer update will come at some point next week – so make sure you are aware of that.

Once that update comes, we’re guessing that it will be the moment when we finally get the PES 2016 roster update release date – which hopefully won’t take much longer.


As someone who decided to give PES 2016 a chance this year over FIFA 16, are you disappointed that it is taken so long to provide a simple update to the rosters?

Let us know your thoughts on this and what roster changes specifically you are waiting for Konami to implement.

Update: Konami has now confirmed when the PES 2016 Roster update is out with Data Pack 1. However, it’s not good news – find out the details here.

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  • Vader82

    They say the online component is priority but it still lags and is sometimes unplayable. Give us updated rosters so we can enjoy the larger portion of the game which is offline and then sort the online mode.

  • Stevedleigh

    PES2016, seriously?? More like PES2015

    Having made some great improvements particularly the new collision system and receiving rave reviews stating that “PES is finally back to it’s best”. Konami have undone all off their hard work by not updating teams current rosters and basically releasing a game not fit for purpose. It is disgusting that they are able to release a game 6 weeks before it is finally complete. Imagine a movie being released without the final 10 minutes or an album without the artists hit singles, finding it difficult to imagine that’s because it would never happen. If I had known before purchasing PES2016 on release day I would have waited and purchased the game second hand as undoubtedly many existing fans and those newly converted due to reading the rave reviews will be returning the game for a full refund and rightly so.

    One very disappointed fan

    • Rob Saunders

      Calm down

  • Ghost D.

    I’ve switched from fifa this year but this is a game breaker. Amateurish, sloppy, unforgivable.

    I’ll wait 7 more years to switch again I guess. Too bad refunds aren’t possible

  • disqus_ZwyfrEBH4S

    Its not a big deal. Playing fifa is a big deal and pure joke. It really sucks and is almost the same thing. Thank god i changed to pes this year.

  • Maikel

    29th oktober will the update come.. Yes it’s not a joke. 29th F****** oktober

    • Liam Pardoe

      29th October??? That’s when they’re releasing the transfer update???

      • Maikel

        Yes.. Konami just piss on everyone, never going to buy anything from them

    • netskot

      How did you find this out?

      • Maikel

        It’s on Twitter

  • Billy Bob

    Totally agree. Its a joke & just shows the game was released unfinished so they could rush it out before fifa.

  • ryan lovesecret

    This is absolutely outrageous, if EA release Fifa 16 with outdated squads they would be the worst company in the world just saying.
    Ps I’m waiting almost a week now to start my master league SMH