PS4 3.0 update release date with potential surprise

By Alan Ng - Sep 23, 2015

Everybody is patiently waiting for the highly anticipated PS4 3.0 update release date. However, Sony has given no indication that the final version is ready for release with the PS4 3.0 update beta still in circulation to a select number of lucky users.

The last time we spoke about the update, we gave you an early look at PS4 Communities – one of the exciting new PS4 3.0 firmware features which is on the way.

If you need a recap, you can also see an official list of PS4 update 3.0 features from Sony which they have shared as a ‘so far’ list – but purposefully leaving some out until closer to release.


As you can see above, PS4 owners are now wondering when is the PS4 3.0 update out and have been asking daily for answers.

The latest whispers regarding PS4 3.0, is that the long beta period and the delay could be due to the fact that Sony has a surprise up their sleeve.

PS2 backwards compatibility with PS4 3.0 may end up being this surprise, after some recent leaked screenshots showed a few PS2 games being tested on the PS4 3.0 beta – still not enough evidence yet to really suggest it is 100% legit though.


Imagine if Sony has decided to make PS2 backwards compatibility free, to compete with Xbox 360 backwards compatibility which is arriving for all Xbox One owners soon at no extra charge?

It is very exciting times and something tells us that we are in for a few surprises soon. What are your thoughts on the wait for the PS4 3.0 firmware release date – would you be very happy if PS4 backwards compatibility for PS2 came for free?

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  • Ricardo Jackson

    What’s crazy is they could emulate the ps2 but what if by emulation you
    could also play ps1 games which hasn’t been brought up in a lot of bwc
    articles. It surprises me that microsoft didn’t do this for the xbox
    one. So now this gives sony the chance to one up them by allowing ps2
    and ps1 to be emulated on the system if they were to go this route since
    both have been emualted on pc but sony ps engineers would most likely
    have better optimize emulator for them.

  • Scott Trumps

    That’ll put some salt on some wounds on the other side lol. Even though I really never cared about bwc… This would be awesome!!! I just prefer to play my older games on my older systems. ( save hdd space)

  • Admir Karalic

    Whaaaattt 😀 !