Marvel Future Fight update for Agents of Shield Season 3

By Alan Ng - Sep 23, 2015

After the recent Future Fight balance update, players are now actively looking for what is next for the game. We may have some early hints on the next Marvel Future Fight update, which could contain a nice surprise involving the start of Agents of Shield Season 3.

If we are to believe whispers online, some new characters have already been found inside Future Fight code – these are Quake – aka, Daisy Johnson or Skye who you’ll know from the show.

Another name that we have heard pop up in Future Fight is Deathlok, who most of you would have seen in Agents of Shield as Mike Peterson.


Both Quake and Deathlok are fully fledged Marvel ‘superheroes’, but Phil Coulson and Melinda May are not – another two names which have apparently already been leaked in the game’s internal files.

It seems hard to believe that Melinda May and Phil Coulson could be coming to the game, but considering that previous data-mining attempts have been successful we definitely wouldn’t count against it.



Adding Quake, Deathlok, Coulson and Melinda May to the game seems to suggest that Netmarble will add a new tab in the special missions feature – allowing players to unlock them that way, although we still can’t say for sure obviously.

It’s worth pointing out that Bobbi aka Mockingbird is already in the game, while Jemma Simmons appears in the game’s story dialogue too making an Agents of Shield Season 3 crossover very feasible.


The new series starts on September 29 so this could be an indication of when to expect the next major Future Fight update – we haven’t had one since the Ant Man update of course so we are overdue some new characters.

Remember that nothing is set in stone yet, but give us your thoughts and theories on these new Agents of Shield characters coming to Future Fight – would you welcome it or not?

Also spare a thought for poor Dr Strange, who has to watch all of the action unfold from the sidelines.

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  • Gareth Fivaz

    Daisy is on her way. Here is what Kim Said in an interview in July:

    “I hope to get Daisy Johnson in,” Kim said. “I want to have my own take on her story in Future Fight.”

  • Gareth Fivaz

    I Want X-Men

  • Alex Forrest

    This is awesome. Having Quake, Deathlok, May, Lincoln, Ward (although I don’t care for him that much) and other AoS characters on the game could be so much fun.