Half Life 3 news with Gordon Freeman shock

We have some surprising Half Life 3 news to bring you now, from the most unlikely source. It looks like there is a hidden Half Life 3 easter egg inside Mad Max, although you may be scratching your head due to what it contains.

Mad Max is set in the post-apocalyse period and in this world Gordon Freeman has perished. Images from the the Mad Max Half Life 3 easter egg show Freeman who has been burned to a crisp.

Also, his hand has been severed but is still holding his trusty crowbar. There’s also another image showing the number 3 in red – which is another blatant reference to Half Life 3 if it needed it.


We’re assuming that this is the Mad Max developer’s way of injecting some humor into the fact that Half Life 3 is still not confirmed.



In other words, the wait for Valve to announce has gone on so long that Gordon Freeman has already met his maker.

Enjoy these images here which were uploaded to Reddit and let us know what you think about the easter egg. Are you still honestly waiting for Half Life 3 news every day, or have you stopped caring about the game now?



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