FIFA 16 October update for problems

By Alan Ng - Sep 23, 2015

Now that FIFA 16 is finally live on most platforms, we wanted to see how you are doing with the game and if you have encountered any FIFA 16 problems that we should know about.

EA will obviously be keeping a close eye on how FIFA 16 handles on all platforms and will be issuing quick updates as necessary to keep the balance.

In view to a potential FIFA 16 October update, what are the areas that you would like to see addressed first and foremost?

Right away, we can see that some are having problems on consoles with FIFA 15 points not transferring to FIFA 16 properly.


Elsewhere, others are saying that bizarrely they can’t change FIFA 16 FUT 16 team names due to a censored word stopping the change – despite having no censored word.

On mobile, there are big problems with the Android version with thousands of users finding out that their device is not supported despite being brand new or relatively new – a separate thread on that can be found here.


These are just some of the early FIFA 16 problems being reported by users. Once we gather more intel, we will update this for you especially if EA issues a response regarding any of them.

For now, leave us a comment below if you are having any FIFA 16 problems on PS4, Xbox One, iOS or Android since launch.

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  • B1ame1ess

    Just over last week ,no other game does this or device . but Fifa 16 knocks my internet off. Strange but that’s the problem I have

  • Alexandru Mihai Buciu

    Hello, I installed my game for PC, it loads and when it’s at the menu it freezes. Keeps doing this since I installed it. I cannot do anything with it, please help! Thank you! 🙂

  • fernando larrusa

    carrer mode crashes just before I try to play a match!

  • fernando larrusa

    careeer mode craashesss after purchased players!!!!

  • Joe

    my career mode keeps crashing when i try to play a match

  • neil

    with career mode it keeps freezing at end if transfer Windows, if play the signings you make in the last 5 days it freezes, you can SIM games or if you take the signing out of the team the game will not crash but will actually play. but leaves these new signing unable to play needs fixing fast, big let down.

  • James Whittaker

    Bought all coin boosts and loan players on the catalogue. Loan players don’t show and haven’t received any coin boost at all. I’m on PS3

  • tom

    please can they release it on the amazon app store!!

  • Gowan

    Not compatible with my I-pad mini 2 with the latest iOS update

  • Louise Field

    Cannot change ultimate team around comes up with communication with EA server has been lost

  • nwowolfpacforever

    When I play career mode the game crashes and makes a buzzing noise and then it takes me back to the dashboard this also happens when connecting to the ea servers

  • BurritoBandit

    My FIFA 16 career mode on XBOX ONE keeps freezing. The screen stays black after I hit play match from the match preview screen. I’ve had to SIM an entire season only been able to play 3 matches of career mode.

  • Naimat

    FIFA 16 not compatible with my Galaxy Note 3 Neo.. Really frustrated.. EA, Listen n do something about it..

  • Panni Nicholas

    My ultimate team on PS4 keeps saying that my club name and abbreviation contains a censored word when it doesn’t. Can someone fix it?

  • Martin Roesch

    IOS FIFA Doesnt work on my iPad 2 with retina which is so disapointing for a avid user.

    I did download it frommy iPhone so I could give it a try. Gameplay looks microscopic and it is impossible to see what position is on the player card in the sqad menu. Additionally, there is a continuous message when I try to access the Transfer market (same message as In FIFA 15) which totally sucks. This may be due to not logging in with a Facebook account, which I will never do.

    IMO, it is still garbage, and I so wanted it not to be.

  • Darkgames Nl

    Make samsung galaxy s3 compatible fifa is my fafourite game

  • Alex

    Htc m8s not compatible..Nice work EA

  • Haziq Chai

    Fc Barcelona dont have alternate kit. Fix it.