FIFA 16 FUT Censored Word Team name fix

By Alan Ng - Sep 24, 2015

Earlier on we spoke about some of the early problems that FIFA 16 players were experiencing since launch. Now we wanted to go into a more detail on one specific issue that many are complaining about on console.

This is the FIFA 16 FUT ‘Censored Word’ team name problems, as there seems to be an ongoing issue with players unable to change their FIFA 16 FUT team due to an error bringing up the message which you can see below.

This is despite the fact that their team name does not contain any censored word. What we wanted to tell you is that EA are already aware of this issue and are now actively working on a fix.


For those that are unaware of this, the full message on FIFA 16 reads: “Your club name or abbreviation contains a censored word. Please rename your club.”

We can tell you that thousands of FIFA 16 FUT players are seeing the same message and as far as we’re aware, it hasn’t been fixed yet.


The question is how serious EA deems this problem to be. In other words, will they be able to provide a FIFA 16 FUT censored word fix via a hot fix, or will they need players to install a new patch on their console to sort it out?

As we wait for an answer from EA regarding this, give us your status below. Are you still getting this message on your console and have you been able to get past this error yet?

Update: We know that many of you are still having problems with this, but here is the latest update from EA on September 24 on the Censored Word issue:


As you can see, they don’t have an ETA for when a fix will be available, but they have said that it is now top priority for them which is something at least. Give us your thoughts below on this.

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  • Louise Field

    Well we are on but now whren he tries to change players around we are getting a message saying lost communication with EA server anyone else having this problem

  • John Veighey

    Ive tried everything and I still can’t get on either really starting to annoy me

  • Jake Camilleri

    I’ve tried everything and still can’t get on!!!!

    • Louise Field

      My sons started working a couple of hours ago although when he tried to log in with his club name from fifa 15 the censor message wss still coming up but when he changed the club name it worked

      • Jake Camilleri

        Thanks I’ll give it a try, but knowing my luck it still won’t work

        • Louise Field

          Have you managed to get on yet