FIFA 16 Android device not compatible list

By Alan Ng - Sep 23, 2015

At last, we can finally say that that FIFA 16 is out on Android in many countries now. As we told you here, the app has transformed from EA Sports FIFA into FIFA 16 Ultimate Team – as a result, you should now go to the Google Play Store and search ‘FIFA 16 Ultimate Team’ to find it.

We know that many of you have been confused about not being able to find FIFA 16 in the Android Play Store and EA didn’t even give a reason why the name changed to FIFA 16 Ultimate Team.

Either way, it is available now but right away we can already see that many of you are seeing FIFA 16 Android device not compatible messages.


EA has already made it clear that FIFA 16 Ultimate Team on Android will only run ‘better’ on select devices. The official FIFA 16 Android compatibility list is as follows:

“Motorola Nexus 6, HTC Nexus 9, HTC M8, Asus Nexus 7 2nd Gen, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Alpha, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, Sony Ericsson Xperia Z2 Tablet, Sony Ericsson Xperia Z3, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC Nexus 4, LG G2.”

If you are worried that FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is not supported on your Android device, first you should check this list and see if your device is included.

Thanks to feedback from our own readers, we also have an additional list of devices that are also having problems running FIFA 16 on Android.


They include the Nexus 4, LG G Flex, Samsung Galaxy Avant and Moto G LTE. It is also worth pointing out that we’ve had some complaints that FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is not working properly with the LG G2 and the G3, despite EA listing the G2 as a compatible device.

Remember that you also need at least 1.4GB of free space to avoid memory issues when booting up. With this in mind, do you still have a problem with FIFA 16 on Android with your device being not compatible?

Let us know which device you are using to play the game and whether you have been successful in playing the game smoothly or not. If users are able to build up a list here, it will help out a lot of Android users so get started below.

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  • Amir

    I have an asus nexus 7 but it does not work

  • Amir

    I have an asus nexus 7 and it still doesn’t work

  • Ammar

    Not even conpatible with Samsung Galaxy S8!!!

  • Priya Ravi

    It isn’t compatible withsumsunggalaxytab3

  • Harshit Kumar

    I have redmi 3s prime with Android v 6.0.1 and when I going to download Fifa 16 from play store it says that your device isn’t compaitable with this version. So what can I do . Please solve this problem.

  • Kiran

    Can the Huawei Honor 8 handle fifa 16?
    it has 4gb Ram Android 6 with 1080p resolution

  • bob

    Is it compatible with Samsung Galaxy Tab E

  • Nimal

    Is FIFA 16compatible with huawei GR3

  • DustHaze

    the game is not compatible with zenfone 2?

  • DustHaze

    I have a Zenfone 2 zem551l with 4G Ram, 2.3Hz processor, andriod 6.0.1 and still the google play won’t let me download the game.

  • arjundubey

    i have a galaxy j7 and a 6.0 marshmallow
    not compatible

  • Dej Scantlebury

    I have a s4 and play store is tellin me the games nt compatible
    Im also runnin android 5.0

  • vikash deep

    I have redmi note 3 with 3gb ram varient ..the game runs properly but it lacks in the sound quality…it hangs while playing

  • Muhammad Areziq

    My device is huawei honor 6 and it’s said my device not compatible even though I have high specs

  • zumar

    ive meizu m2 note fifa 16 says its not compatible but ive seen fifa 16 play on my friends meizu m2 note

    • Dduar

      Have the Meizu m2 myself. Same problem and my girlfriend could play it on hers.

  • costel

    my smartphone (sony xperia z) heats when i play fifa 16.From the 1 st mach.Can you hapl me? i have android 5.1.1

  • Messi

    I am using samsung a8

  • Addo Bernard

    I am using infinx hot2 android versi9on is 6.0 but fifa16 is not capable on it

  • Carlos Rodrigues Taveira

    Alcatel Onetouch POP C7 not compatible

  • azman adnan

    can somebody list down the compatible device for fifa16???
    why it so hard just to play this game..damnn.

  • JB

    I have htc m8s and its not combatible..

  • Aditya agrawal

    I have galaxy tab 2. Yet not compatible.

  • Himanshu Jain

    I have Sony Xperia Z3.. But after I downloaded the game.. It didn’t even open once… It shows unfortunately fifa 16 has stopped.. Y is that so? Please let me know the solution for it as soon as possible.. Waiting!!

  • Nike Luitel

    I have samsung galaxy s4 but its still not compatible

  • jonard45

    I have 1gb ram in my phone..will it run the game?

  • Touf023

    Samsung galaxy A3 5.0.2 pas compatible 😤😲

  • Aamir Waseem

    I have galaxy s4 android 5.0.1 but it’s still not compatible

  • Sanay

    lags on s6

  • Dawood

    Fully compatible with galaxy J7 no lags n all

    • Anonymous

      Even I have j7 but it says not compatible

  • ryan begger

    how about mi note?

  • jonatan styrna

    It’s also not compatible with my samsung galaxy s5 neo

  • Yuvraj Dhruw

    super lag when audio is turned on,still lag in Note 3 n900

  • dan the man

    Mine is not compatible for samsung a3 i want this game please do something to get this on other device

  • Minhao

    Asus zenfone selfie compatible or not?

    • GuyWithDreads

      its not even compatible with zenfone2 4gb ram so i dont think that it is compatible with selfie…
      question is why and ea said something like because f*** you thats why…

  • Max Khamphila

    lags on HTC one M7 🙁

  • Antonio Žitković

    It’s not compatible on Samsung Galaxy A7 too.

  • Nave

    Lg g 3 and its not working yet

  • Johan

    I can istall the game from the play store nut it doesn’ t work. What can I do?

  • Atharva Kale

    Hey everyone,

    You can download the game from the Internet. Go to Google and type Fifa 15 data and apk. Download both the files. It would take some time. Then install the apk but don’t open it. Put the data file in the Internal/andriod/data/put it in the ea folder. Done

    • Sahil Hussain

      Hi there, whenever I download FIFA 15 new season, an error pops up after downloading the whole file. It says “The application cannot be updated. If the problem continues try reinstalling the app. (Error code 403)” I have tried everything, still the problem persists. Please help.

      • Atharva Kale

        Fifa 15?

  • saurav

    I have samsung gallaxy note 2 but in play store it say “your device isn’t compitable with this version”. Add fifa 16 for this device.

    • Atharva Kale

      Use my method above

  • Yash K

    I have redmi 2 prime but in play store it say “your device isn’t compitable with this version” I have an older version of fifa 16 (2.0.102647) but the latest version is 2.1.108792 when I open my game it says ‘your version is old update to the latest in the store. ‘ but I can’t because store says it isn’t compitable with my device.

    • Atharva Kale

      It’s not compatible any longer

    • Atharva Kale

      Use my method above.

  • Diane

    Thinking of buying Samsung G3 mini for my son will Fifa 16 work?

    • Atharva Kale

      It won’t work

  • Rishabh Kutty

    i have an intex aqua ace 2gb ram, dual core, android version 5.0 but its still not compatible, WHY???

    • Atharva Kale

      Because Fifa isn’t allowing it

  • joe

    I have moto x play.And its not compatible. Will EA be working on it and soon release a compatible version as I don’t find any flaw with my mobile’s specs 🙁

    • Atharva Kale

      Use my method above. It will help you

  • Jeff

    Ive got a HTC one x plus, AND its not installing.

  • Jason Brown

    Hi I’ve got an asus ZenFone2 it loaded up it lagged while playing an update came it wouldn’t update saying not compatible but it did work. So uninstalled then reinstalled lost progress started again it worked for a week. Now needs updating and says not compatible device. How?

    • David Vasas

      I downloaded it when it can first came out and I was supported now it say it ain’t supported for the fastest updat

    • Atharva Kale

      Use my method above. It will help you.

  • Malachi Shearer

    Ulefone Be Touch 2 is compatible, works great 🙂

  • Vaibhav

    Moto g2 and samsung j series please

  • Abhisar Dixit

    It is compatible with my xiaomi redmi 2 ( 1gb ram ). I also updated it to the latest version on October 20. But today when I visited the my apps section on Google play it is saying “”not compatible”. But I can still play it. Xiaomi rocks.!!

  • Dohyeon Kim

    Does LG G3 beat works?

  • Ousmane Diallo

    I have the blu studio 5.0 c d830u and is not compatible can somebody fix this.

  • anar

    My phone is samsung galaxy grand prime sm 530H android 5.0.2 is not compatible why??? Please help….

  • Jj

    Fifa 16 for samsung s3 plssss

  • Robert McFarlane

    I have jiayu g4s and not compatible. Will it and other devices be compatible in the near future?

  • Theva

    My device asus ZenFone 2

  • Abhishek Khanna

    My device is yu yureka plus on Android

  • Eloyetm

    Samsung galaxy s3 neo

  • David Haron

    Won’t install on my Galaxy Tab A 9.7, Android 5.0.2 either

  • Bob

    Does fifa 16 work on the iPad

  • Denzel Linardo

    My phone is samsung galaxy s4

  • Pawan Pathak

    samsung s4

  • Bryan IB

    Samsung galaxy Note 3 neo

  • Sombat

    I recently play it on my galaxy note 4 but it lag

  • Vijaybilla

    Samsung galaxy note 2

  • Chau Nguyen

    Samsung Galaxy Note 5 please.

  • Tomáš Vaigl

    Please Sony Xperia M2

  • Icraft 2000

    Why doesn’t it install on my galaxy tab A 9.7 android 5.0.2

  • zain

    It won’t install on galaxy tab 4 with 4.4.2 bummer

  • Muhammad Fadilee

    Can’t install on my Sony Xperia M4

  • Patrikas Kajetonas Pipiras

    Can’t install on Samsung galaxy grand neo plus

  • HiHi

    Can’t install it on Samsung Tab S

  • Tabz

    Cannot get it on Samsung galaxy s5 mini

  • Philip Atanasov

    could i ru it on huawei p8 lite?

  • Sohan Raje

    I downloaded the game on my nexus 5 .Also it didn’t mention that that my device isn’t compatible. So after a 100% download it said can’t download the app. Why? Ps- It took 8 hrs to download the game man! Really frustrated

  • Ajay Subba

    Sumng A5 supoort or not support

  • kami

    Huawei honor 6

  • Jonathan

    Iit says it is not compatible wit

    h my Samsung tab 3

    • Mohammad Hayyan

      Huawei honour 4c computable or not

  • Sunesh Krishna

    My is Samsung galaxy tab Asmp5555n it is a new model n it say not compatible with this device please make it compatiable

  • Abhishek Saraogi

    Mi4,Samsung tab S and xperia z…playing in these 3 devices…and its lagging like hell

    • hihi

      Tab S?Playstore shows me that my Tab S isn’t compitable..!

      • Ayesha

        which tab s you are using 8.4 or 10.5 and did u update lollipop

    • Ayesha

      tab s is compatible ? kitkat or lollipop

  • ssl

    Mine is samsung galaxy s4 active…it says its not compatible…pliz help

  • Anonymous

    I have hot a android 4.4.4-Samsung Balady Ace 4. Why it not??

  • nikhil sharma

    Is FIFA 16 ut compatible for one plus one

  • Giannis

    I have s4 Samsung and it say that is compatible with my device… they will fix this or I must do something? ??

  • Darius Daniel

    I have tab UTOK IQ700 soo can play fifa on it???

  • Hassan Ali

    I have also the tab 3 the fifa is not in the Google play store I went to google they were said”it is in play store “I request that please release fifa 16 in Samsung tab 3 on play store or on Google

  • saish waingankar

    I have zenfone 5 and it not compatible with it

  • Ashhad

    I have samsung galaxy s4 but still they say its not compatible

    • Giannis

      Me too.. please help

  • Arkay

    I have samsung note II with android 4.4 as same as note III but still it shows not compatible

  • andrew wong

    I have a Htc One E8, is that compatible?

  • Lawlness

    Lenovo isnt a compatible tablet

  • Luis Cabrera

    Motorola moto x play is not compatible

  • Mitsos

    Htc one m7 is not compatible your devise but i will this game ea repair please ok

  • Samuel Marcon

    I have Samsung S6 and it is on the list but still says it’s not compatible, get a grip EA & Samsung