Xbox Games with Gold for October 1 2015

By Alan Ng - Sep 25, 2015

We are almost ready for the highly anticipated Xbox Games with Gold October 2015 free games on Xbox One and Xbox 360. If you haven’t downloaded Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition yet – now is the time to grab it before it’s gone.

Having said that, Tomb Raider is being offered for longer than usual and will actually be available for free until October 15 – overlapping the new games which will become available on October 1 2015 as always.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any early leaks to tell you about yet. Microsoft will announce the Xbox Games with Gold for October 1 2015 during the last week of September but before that we usually get an indication of at least one game that is coming.


It happened with June’s Massive Chalice offering which leaked early and fans will be hoping that they get some hints again for the October lineup.

With that said and done, what are you hoping to see? It’s also worth pointing out that we are heading into the busy Holiday period so Microsoft may want to woo non-subscribers with a great game to get them to commit.


Is it finally time to see Ryse offered, or how about Forza 5 now that Forza 6 is available to buy – that would be a great move if it happened.

As always, we’ll update you here once leaks start appearing which they inevitably will. For now, give us your own predictions below on what you want to see for the games that will replace Tomb Raider on Xbox One and Crysis 3 on Xbox 360.

Update: The October 2015 Games with Gold have now been revealed. The final choices are Valiant Hearts and The Walking Dead on Xbox One.


It’s Xbox 360 owners turn to get Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes this time and it will also be joined by the Xbox 360 version of The Walking Dead.

As highlighted above, the new games will go live starting from October 1. The initial leak we posted yesterday turned out to be incorrect, but what are your thoughts on the official games – are you happy with the selection or not?

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  • Spooky

    wow.. if that leak is true i’d be very happy. Haven’t played Dead Rising 3 yet, heard it was good though.

  • mj

    No way will it be Forza, again that would cannibalize sales of Forza 6. Ryse would be ok, I’ve had it and beaten it multiple times but if it were to spark mp involvement and generate more pressure for a sequel (beyond the 1.2 million sales) I’d be glad.

    If anything it’ll be watchdogs, thief, trials, spiderman 2, or something else that came out in or around spring 2014 on the Xbox one. On the 360, your guess is as good as anyone’s.

  • Jay

    Vanilla Destiny, plus The Dark Below and House of Wolves dlc, minus Update 2.0, plus Destiny: The Taken King Collectors Edition, plus expansion PayWall Lockout

  • Jay

    Destiny: The Taken King Collectors Edition 😉 for the first fortnight, then Fallout 3 from the October, 16. Now, the former would be hilarious. I’d still delete it, but millions of people who just paid for content they already own receiving Bungie’s latest dlc would for free would put a hell of a spanner in the works.

  • Joshua McMillan

    For Xbox One i think some good games for the upcoming months, even tho they are newer I would like to see The Evil Within or Dying Light

  • Riley Nixon

    Some of the games id like to see (both systems)
    X360: well, considering their age and also considering that they both have much better versions now, I would appreciate maybe the sims 3 and gta 4. Both of those are good games and having said that backward compad is coming in the near future these would be good games to have.

    XBONE: well, I’m not a huge sports game fan. However I think that one game that should be free (I’m suprised that no ones asked for it yet) is sunset overdrive. Either that or make the halo master chief collection free

    • mj

      Sims 3 made it to consoles? I don’t ever remember that.

  • Barrie Wilson

    I dont have Ryse or Forza5 so would be happy if they were the Xbone freebies.

  • Barrie Wilson

    Fallout 3 is rumoured very strongly for october.

    • Gareth Mee

      I highly doubt they’ll offer fallout 3 as it’s included as an incentive when pre-ordering fallout 4, wouldn’t that be a serious slap in the face?