PS Plus October 2015 disappointment on PS4, PS3

By Alan Ng - Sep 30, 2015

It is that time again when we take an early look at the PS Plus October 2015 games predictions on PS4. The good news, is that Sony has already given an indication of what to expect with at least one confirmed game for the PS Plus October 2015 lineup.

Without further ado, we can confirm that the game in question is Super Meat Boy. We know that it is going to be one of the games in the October lineup, as the developers of Super Meat Boy have confirmed it here back in June.

So if Super Meat Boy is classed as an indie title, so it mean that we can expect to see a ‘AAA’ as the other free PS4 game for PlayStation Plus October 2015?


Fans will like to think so and you can check out some early predictions here over at the usual prediction thread via the PS Blog.

We may have an another big clue for you on the next PS4 game that could be coming too. Three Forth Home: Extended Edition is tagged as a visual short story set in Nebraska and features a family conversation during an intense thunderstorm – really.

The key point to make, is that Three Forth Home has a release date of October 6, 2015. This is the date in which the October 2015 PS Plus lineup is out and it is also the date of Super Meat Boy PS4 – already confirmed as a free PS Plus game.


Connecting the dots, does that mean that Three Forth Home is going on the list too? Considering that it doesn’t appear to be a fully fledged title, it may end up as a bonus offering and we’ll still get one main AAA game on top of this.

So far there hasn’t been any hints on the big game appearing so let us know what game you want to see. Is it time to see Knack, or what about The Order 1886 appearing – tell us your predictions below!

Update: We now have our first supposed leak for PS Plus October 2015. A screenshot of the North American PS Store was taken overnight by a user. It shows an apparent mistake by Sony’s PSN team showing Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag as a free game in the PS Plus section.


When you click it, it then asks for a payment. Has Sony made a big, but exciting error here in confirming that October’s lineup will offer another AAA game at last? Let’s hope so – give us your thoughts on this one below.

Update: PS Plus October 2015 lineup is now live and we have a feeling you’re going to be disappointed with it. There’s no AAA in sight, which means the Assassin’s Creed 4 screenshot was a fake.

Broken Age (PS4/PS Vita)
Super Meat Boy (PS4/PS Vita)
Unmechanical Extended (PS4/PS3)
Kickbeat (PS Vita/PS3)
Kung Fu Rabbit (PS Vita/PS3)
Chariot (PS3)

There’s the games coming to PS3 and PS3 next month – give us your reaction below.

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  • Davinfelth5

    Don’t really get why people get “disappointed”. You’re paying just over $4 a month for as many as 6 free games and the online backup service. Seems pretty fair to me. Gamefly alone would be $17 a month and you don’t keep those forever. Redbox is $2 or more per day for a rental. New games cost $60. In comparison, if even one of the 6 games entertains you for two days, it’s worth the price.

    • Luciano Lucena

      I don’t have interest in indie crap… I don’t play indie crap… $4 a month is NOT worth for that garbage! so, i’m disappointed.

  • Augure

    Wow glad I stopped my PS+ subscription. And I got ripped by Sony when a new PS3 I bought stopped working and they refused to replace it (which is illegal in Europe, but don’t have time to sue them).

    • Josh Zumalt

      If you’re confident you could sue Sony and win, why the hell cant you make time for something like that? If you won you could have the possibility to supplement your income for a good while.

  • Manuel Granados

    You can now play an 8 bit generation looking game on your fourth generation console. Welcome to 2015!
    Also, some other crap game that looks like it would have been ok in PS2.

    Seriously, who is still buying Little big planet 3, Knack, Killzone, Black flag, Fifa 14, Madden 15 and 25, at normal price? Ok maybe an insane person. But you could hand out any of those and people would say “well good, finally, no more 2 dollar crap”.
    Instead, you feed us more of that 2 dollar crap.
    I would rather they didn’t give us anything and just said “look, you are paying for multiplayer, shut up”.

  • I wouldn’t mind seeing LittleBigPlanet 3 or Knack on there.
    I don’t own any Assassin’s Creed games, so I’d welcome Black Flag.
    Last major PS Plus free game I remember getting for PS4 was Injustice: Ultimate Edition, and that was all the way back in December. I hope we get a “AAA” title this month. Not holding my breath, though.

  • matthew mccormick

    I would rather get old PS1 & PS2 games then theses Indie crap I have played Black Flag so I am not interested in it Why not give us The Last of Us: Left Behind Stand Alone its only 10 bucks

    • jay 1988

      Left behind was $5 i think yesterday/last week

    • Erutan409

      Not everyone has played Black Flag. I’ve been hoping for this game on PS Plus for a long time.

    • 90% of PS4’s are bundled with The Last of Us: Remastered.
      Sony wouldn’t give away part of a game that’s already free with a PS4, plus Left Behind is currently only 5 bucks. It went on sale recently and will be available at that price until October 7

  • Manuel Granados

    Indie crap for one more month. At least I know not to spend on indie games in PS Store since they eventually make it to the free basket to be played once or twice.

  • omarcominyo

    I think it’s about time we got knack or shadow of mordor

    • pfreak

      SoM was dullsville. I don’t get the reviews. It’s Batman: Middle Earth.

      • jay 1988

        Agree got bored with SoM after 3 days

  • FraggedyAnn

    Pretty trashy if they offer Black Flag considering it is on sale this week.

    • They have done it multiple times before and I would consider it likely now that they did put it on sale just before. It is a trashy move.

      • MunkiLord

        How so?

        • Ondřej Kalman

          Because they compel you to waste your money (you pay for PS Plus account too). I’m not saying there shouldn’t be games which was previously in sale, but this is too much obvious….

        • MunkiLord

          Are the sales only available to PS Plus members?

        • Ondřej Kalman

          Some of them. I don’t know if this is the case. But it doesn’t matter, in Sony they know few months a head what will be on PS Plus for free and the can plan this so PS Plus members get the value for their money.

        • MunkiLord

          Oh well. There are other people besides just PS Plus members to consider. Maybe wait until you find out what the free games are before you buy discounted games.

          Gamers are such cry babies when it comes to discounted and free games. Entitled brats is all you all.

        • MunkiLord

          Is this really about ethics in discounted and free games lol?

        • Ondřej Kalman

          It’s more about not upset plus members which pay Sony subscription money. Because when they feel Sony is messing up with them, they can keep their money for them self. (I’m not talking about my self, I have AC:BF for several moths and I’m ok with that)

        • MunkiLord

          Then they should never buy any games on the hope that someday they will be free. Whiny entitled brats is all they are. Walking stereotypes.

        • Ondřej Kalman

          You really dont see difference between intentionally making discount just before game goes free to them? Then I think this debate is pointless.

        • MunkiLord

          I understand the complaint fully, as someone that owns hundreds of games on Steam, I’ve had similar experiences countless times buying a game at full/discounted price only to see it go on sale days or weeks later. It happens and it’s not a big deal. For luxury items, like video games, if you’re not happy paying the asking price, then wait. If you choose not to wait and pay a premium for the game, that’s on you. If the game isn’t worth it to the buyer at the price they paid, then they shouldn’t have made the purchase. Get over it and stop being whiny entitled brats.

  • freddy_uk


  • Not played any of these so will be good.
    Although i’ve platinumed black flag, don’t really want that.

  • Yeah Assasin is a good move for Ubi just before the new one comes out.

  • Macc Mosley

    I thought last month’s game that was voted in was terrible,but for free I cant complain. I’d like to see them give us a top notch game like Knack or Assassians Creed,I mean I appreciate the free games But I’m kinda tired of the indie games that look like they were made in 1989. I’d like to see more AAA games on the list.

    • DiFiasco

      agreed – Grow Home is garbage

    • Justin

      Lmfao knack is a steaming pile of ass

    • josh

      Thirded. Why did people vote for that trash? Last fun free one was stick it to the man.

  • Dan Smith

    Super meat boy is one of the free games because it took so long to release on a Sony console, there are no dots to connect.

  • Slime Rothstein

    Jacob..I’ve had pretty much every system at one point or another bro..cept for maybe snes…i was a sega…but..some survived..most failed…remember sega cd..Phillips cdi ?? Turbo grafx 16 ?? Bottom line…if the geekers wanna play Coleco vision games on a high powered system…thats them..not me…i sunk a chunk of change in my system fam…i buss my pockets bi monthly with NEW releases…meanwhile yall really in my face defending a game called “super meat boy” yalll gotta feel wack..before yall turn this into a “psn games is what you hinge your game library on” debate don’t do it to library thick holmes..”pc master race” 😂 😂 Don’t make me laugh…if playing joust and ghosts and goblins on a custom pc defines yall as a master race…I’m good with being an ordinary human……stay blessed yalll ✌

    • Wesface Hiatt

      lol…. okay then… nobody cares. lmfao

      • Slime Rothstein

        You obviously do…u took time out your little life to comment..stooge….😧

    • omarcominyo

      I understood NONE of that!!

      • Slime Rothstein

        If I wanted your input..I’d ask for it king….👍

        • omarcominyo

          Well you’re getting it, this is the internet after all mush!!

      • Xenilus


      • ayy

        niggas gonna nig

    • pfreak

      Agreed. I like a good, original indie game. But there’s nothing original about this. It’s a puzzle game that’s made to look like an 8-bit game. Not for me. Abe’s Oddysee was enough awfulness for one lifetime. Of all the great indie’s we get this POS? Boo.

      • Slime Rothstein

        Abes oddysee was a good take on the odd world series..unfortunately I hated odd world meatboy…u are literally a cube of meat..navigating through a maze….fohhhh…i have respect for myself lmfao

    • Manuel Granados

      I feel the same. While the indies are good, I want my PS tested up. I want games with this generation graphics. I played NES and SNES my whole childhood to still be playing games that look like those.
      When an indie comes with 8 bit graphics, even when free, I generally don’t download it.

  • Slime Rothstein

    So the mods from this site just gonna erase comments now….thats real cute…truth hurts

    • NgTurbo


      • Slime Rothstein

        I actually posted a better version of my last post…explaining the pros and cons of putting out AAA games in abundance and it disappeared bro…it’s cool…but i see how yall move

  • Gary Eller

    This game was free on the One a few months ago. No big surprise.

  • Ktyree

    Last of us had a mistake saying “free” but when I went to purchase it asked for $10.00

  • Michael Ray

    Anyone else think this would be the perfect month for something like outlast (Which I know was already offered) or The last of us (which most got with their console or on ps3) or something of those genres? It is the month of horror after all so it only seems right to have a couple horror or thriller games

  • m-p{3}

    I just finished AC3. AC4 would be a perfect timing for me!

  • Casey

    Really I beat all of black flag about 2 years ago even the dlc. This kinda sucks if thats the game this month. I would like super meat boy though. Sill hoping this is wrong and sony gives away something other then black flag.

    • pfreak

      And I’d take BF but want nothing at all to do with Meat Boy. You win some you lose some.

  • Slime Rothstein

    God forbid we get a game that we’re actually intrested in…”super meat boy” really Sony 😧

    • Merlin

      Don’t judge that game, I am assuming you haven’t actually played it, it is a lot more fun then a lot of current AAA titles. It actually is pretty solid.

      • Slime Rothstein

        Man listen…i paid good money for my system….how the hell do i look playing shovelware on it..cause that’s how indie games look to me…it’s like playing atari games on a ps4

        • whammoth

          Yeah because graphics are everything, it’s not like meat boy is loved or anything..

        • pfreak

          No, it’s not.

        • David

          Yo, people have payed 3x the price for their PCs and they still play Super Meat Boy. If you wanted to pay $400 for a graphics upgrade, you should have invested in a GPU for your PC.

        • Jacob Tompkins

          I feel ya on that, you must have played on a 90’s console because everyone who played 8, 16, and 64 bit games do not want these NES looking games no matter how fun they are. Every time they offer these games I never even download them, waste of my gb’s. I’d rather have last of us or assassins even though I’ve already beat them.

        • Slime Rothstein


      • DiFiasco

        it’s also 20 years old

  • The only bad thing about Super Meat Boy is that it won’t be released on PS3. As for Black Flag, if that’s true it might mark the first tIme I give a shot to an Assassin’s Creed game.

  • Luís Filipe

    It’s Assassins Creed promotion this week.. and i buy AC4… =/

    • Kyle VanWagner

      That’s what they alllllllllllllways do! They’ve gotten me so many times with indie game sales.

  • DatDude Monie

    Please! NO AC4 got that on Xbone and xbox360!

    • Mark Schutz

      I doubt they worry about that when picking the PS+ games

  • Justin

    It would be nice to see a AAA title, but either way, Super Meat Boy is a freaking fantastic game so at least there’s that.

    • pfreak

      And I can’t believe of all the great indies we’re getting this 8 bit puzzle game.

      • Justin

        It’s free because it took 5 years to release on PS console that’s pretty much all there is to say. BTW just so you sound a little smarter in the future it’s a 2D platformer, not 8bit nor puzzle oriented.

  • Ohyes

    Would love to see AC4 BF as the October game.. it may be old but as long as sony keep the AAA games coming, i’d be a happy subscriber.

    • Daniel Blyth

      same here

  • Matt Sanders

    Bored of indie stuff.

    I’ve been a gamer since 1978, and I want new things, not new developers trying to create their visions of the past.

    By now we should be seeing something from the early days of the PS4, like Knack or Watch Dogs, and in previous years Sony saw us treated right, with regular high-end games being thrown into the PS+ mix, but now we just get swamped with indie tat.

    • Jeremy

      Watch Dogs sucks.

      • Matthew Manley

        Agreed but it would still be nice to get something that isn’t indie trash looking like it could have run on a Tandy, even if the game ends up sucking

      • Matt

        Watch Dogs was fun, just over hyped. It was basically a GTA clone, driving was bad, city was dull, narrative was rubbish but story missions were fun and side missions were repetitive.

        • soggy_taco

          That sums it up perfectly.

      • pfreak

        I’m sure it does. But at least I’d take a look. I won’t even download SMB. Stinkeroo.

      • Manuel Granados

        It’s still a new gen title, not a NES title ported to new gen.

    • DiFiasco

      same – i grew up through all the generations of gaming and nowadays indy 2d platformers get a bit stale for me. It’s great for all the kids who find it ‘retro and new’ but for us legacy gamers, it’s like being trapped in a time warp that we kissed goodbye long ago.

      • Manuel Granados

        Yeah when I see these 8 bit looking games I think “man, did they not get enough of 8 bit during the NES years? Cause that was a long ass generation”.