FIFA 16 Ultimate Team for Windows Phone confusion

By Alan Ng - Sep 22, 2015

While Android and iOS owners are excited about the imminent FIFA 16 mobile download today, the same cannot be said sadly for those looking for a FIFA 16 Windows Phone release date.

As far as we’re aware, there is only a FIFA 16 Companion App available on Windows Phone – which you can download now for free.

It offers the ability to control your FIFA 16 Ultimate Team if you have an account, but this app doesn’t actually allow you to play matches.


In fact the whole thing is actually very confusing. Originally the mobile version of FIFA 16 appeared early on the Canadian App Store as EA Sports FIFA.

Now we can see that it has magically been transformed into FIFA 16 Ultimate Team instead – the new name for the playable mobile app.


Still with us? EA has done a great job on confusing everyone it seems as the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team for Windows Phone doesn’t look like it is coming out – only the Companion App which is a management tool.

We’ll reach out for some clarity from EA on this, but in the meantime let us know if you are a bit confused with the state of the FIFA 16 mobile apps.

Are you surprised to see that EA Sports FIFA has now silently changed to FIFA 16 Ultimate Team overnight? Will you be upset if there is no playable FIFA 16 app for Windows Phone?

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  • Zahid Shabir

    they should at least release it for the Windows 10 app store if not the windows phone app stare as windows phone is dead and Microsoft got rid of the worlds largest phone manufacturer and then slowly managed to convert it in to “Windows Lumia” Windows PC/Tablets are on the other hand not dead

  • Patrick Verrill

    I am someone who likes to play FIFA Ultimate Team on my windows computer, so this upsetting to hear. I also ordered a receiver for my wireless Xbox 360 controller, so I can play ultimate team on my computer with a controller, and the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team graphics look like they are better to play on than FIFA 15 Ultimate Team graphics, so I’m hoping they add it to the Windows Store soon.

  • Optimus Prime

    EA don’t like windows phone because it has less user and therefore less people download it. That’s why windows store don’t have SimCity built it, ea sport ufc and other game, now FIFA 16.
    F*k EA. It is the worst company. Now if FIFA 16 don’t release, we have only the option to play it on pc or to switch to an android phone

  • Mustapha Mohammed

    Then I’ll have to dumb or sold my window phone and switch to android cuz fifa 14,15 are the best games I ever played .now you are trying to say its not gonna be available hmmm

  • ali

    What does that supposed to mean; that we should stop using windows phone!! Very upset💔

  • RWD3

    Yep – very upset. It’s been the method I use for game play for a year. Now have to find a new way to play.

  • forsakenfalcon

    I for one would love to know what the deal is.