FIFA 16 release date for UK with countdown

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 22, 2015

We have received lots of requests for details on the exact FIFA 16 UK release date and this is due to the football game launching in the United States at midnight last night. In short, the FIFA 16 game will release on Thursday with a price at Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury, and Morrisons starting at £42 for the latest consoles.

The best way for us to give Product Reviews a time is with a FIFA 16 countdown to the release date in UK. You can see a countdown clock to the UK midnight release below this article, so this is ideal if you re downloading digitally, going to a midnight launch in the UK like at GAME, or just want the exact time clarified.

At the time of writing, we see that there’s 1 day and 16 hours until the FIFA 16 UK release time for late night shoppers. This will of course change by the time most of our readers land on this page, so take a look below for the realtime countdown to a midnight UK launch.


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If you have been hands-on with FIFA 16 already, then feel free to tell us how you rate the game overall and leave your mini review below.

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  • Stewart Buckley

    I get it at 11pm UK time as I bought it on sen network 😆😄

  • Kacper Ignatiuk

    will asda have fifa at midnight

  • Sultan

    Would sainsbury have it in store

    • Ash

      Yes sainsburys will have it at midnight that’s were I got it from last year

  • MJ

    will Sainsburys have fifa 16 available for the midnight launch??

  • king@Gmail. com

    When is it coming out 23 senor 24 11oclock

  • Algnoubi Alhur

    Fifa 16 is not in the play store