Clash of Clans maintenance break not a surprise update

By Alan Ng - Sep 23, 2015

We have a quick heads-up for those that are wondering why Clash of Clans is down for a maintenance break on September 22 today.

Before you all get excited, there is no new Clash of Clans update today and certainly no Clash of Clans October 2015 update preview this early.

Supercell has let everyone know that Clash of Clans is down for 22/09/15 due to server improvements only. You can see that from the official Tweet left on their page moments ago:


Considering that we have just had a massive September update, we doubt anyone will be too frustrated with the developers improving their servers as opposed to adding new features.

Hopefully Clash of Clans will be back up soon and you’ll be able to resume duty as normal. Spread the word and let us know what you would like to see in terms of in-game improvements for the next update.

Update: Clash of Clans is down again on September 23 for another maintenance break. This time, Supercell are saying it is ‘unexpected’ and expect Clash of Clans to be back up as soon as possible today. Stay tuned for the latest updates on this.

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  • Jaime

    Town hall 11 and new troops plus spells oh and more gold and elixir capacity

  • Aadil Kara

    They should let us upgrade to lv 8 walls will elixer. It would make maxing out th8 much quicker.

  • Walter M.

    I would like to see better clan war matching, right now you can have a war with very mismatched clans. Eg, our current war … ours 2 x TH10, enemy 3x, ours 6 x TH9, enemy 8, experience levels of enemy clan is way above ours indicating stronger bases and stronger troops.
    It will be much better if declaring war would come back after broadening search parameters with “sorry but we cannot find a suitable match”, or “no suitable match can be found, do you want to continue searching which may result in a match against a much stronger or much weaker opponent?”
    cheers, Walter

  • Loman

    It needs much more achievements, even simple stuff like playing clash every day for a week and then give some gems for that. Would be nice. But the biggest thing they should do next is more campaign maps or possibly an update to how it functions

  • Timothy

    In the competeing game call of duty heroes they have an awsome feature that has survival rounds where your base is put to its breaking point thru each round your base must withstand each attack as each round gets harder and harder. This feature would really really help.

  • Mike

    The ability to do mock raids within your clan

  • Jimmy Play

    I want a unicorn !

  • Brentin Hackenberg

    Be able to attack against your own base to see how it holds up to attacks.

  • Lotis

    I think that more achievements and more campaign quest would be nice. Maybe a VIP troop for people who spend so much money. I’ve spent close to 900 us dollars but the game play is not improved to the point that I feel like I got my money worth in value. Maybe even daily rewards would be nice.

  • James

    give valkyries wings upon their lvl 5 upgrade

  • Phillip Partridge

    A new hero for th8 would be good

  • Derek freeman

    Omg Ya what the guy below said !! Lev 4 pekka for th9!! Like come on .. It’s ridiculous that it isn’t already happened.. N no one cares what alternative motives u have supercell just get it done !!! How much do u make a day again supercell .. Was it 1.8 million or is it up to 2 mil now!!!! Make it happen dangit lol grrrrrr

    • rj

      yep but sadly supercell doesn’t gaf. -__-

  • LaW

    Th9 must Have lvl 4 pekka !

    • Ray Sedita


      • John Moodie

        Th9 is hugely overpowered on offence already. Anyone saying you need lvl4 pekka should learn to hybrid raid with air or hogs.

    • rj

      true that