Skype down with surprise sign in problems

By Alan Ng - Sep 21, 2015

We can see that Skype is down on September 21 with some surprise and unexpected connection problems. Thousands of users are already complaining that they cannot sign in to Skype right now, so hopefully this outage won’t last long.

You only need to take a quick look on social media to see that this appears to be a global Skype outage on September 21.

There’s no sign of a Skype status update yet on the official Skype Support Twitter page, but we have a feeling that this will change within the hour if the problems continue.


At the time of writing, Skype is unresponsive for us so give us your experiences with what the app is displaying for you right now in your area.

Are you having problems logging into Skype today or not? We will update this with the latest updates as soon as Skype acknowledges the outage.

Update 1: Skype now acknowledges the issue and states that they are working on a quick fix for everyone.


Update 2: Eight hours later, it looks like Skype has finally fixed the problems. See the latest update from the technical team here. Let us know if Skype is back up for you right now!

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  • Anna

    Skype is working here in Mars, I mean in the Philippines

  • G4m1ng_0N!

    Microsoft is in the middle of case against government, and “suddenly” Skype is going down… hmm… “what can it be?”

  • Bram Kero Ke

    skype is down i want msn back

  • Thomas Ehler

    down in Denmark all day! and still!!

  • Cinoaz

    Still down on Ganymede. Hope my lobster in the fridge doesn’t go bad….

  • SolitudeWithin

    Still not working , Greece

  • Meryl Murphy

    Still not working on East Coast USA

    • OlivierOlu

      Poland too

  • OlivierOlu

    Fuckin M$ crap, they writing that business version has no problems, so trick to sale?

  • György Szabó

    Still not working in Norway …

  • Davy De Vos

    still the same problem in belgium

    • Germany guy

      same here in germany

  • Midhat Ahmed

    Seems like not fixed in Germany yet.Still having this message”Skype can’t connect”.. Why -_- -_- ??

  • Edwin

    Skype not working in Costa Rica 🙁

    • Waqas Satti

      really your skype is not working?

  • Geoff Waite

    not fixed yet here in the US – (paid for) Skype-in and Skype out services all down as well

  • Lenard McTattie

    Still not working in Southampton (South England). Can not log in. ;(

  • CaptainSir

    Still down in Canada at the time I am writing this….. I think your statement “it looks like Skype has finally fixed the problems” is incorrect. All they did in that very brief post was acknowledge they had an issue and that they were working to fix it. They did not say “it was fixed” and I think it is not.

    Your really far to optimistic for a tech blogger…..

    10:1 they are down due to a failed NSA related upgrade. Ever since skype starting routing through the NSA servers, file transfers have been really slow, especially in the first 15-20 seconds while the filtering kicks in.

  • MiladyMalady

    Not working in California which is really bad since my husband’s phone died and this is the ONLY way I can talk to him and I NEED to right now. FIX IT NOW!!!

    • Waqas Satti

      ok you dont worry dude i am new husbad to you and really love with you lol

  • surefirecebu

    Skype is down here in Mars

  • Marmar HanEm

    not working in Egypt as well

  • Waqas Satti

    yup skype is not working in pakistan if skype do work in pak so what the benefit for us because in pakistan not electricity no good internet so please down the skype … 🙂

  • Shelby G.

    USA – Skype is down here across 60 people of whom I work with, we all appear offline to each other, we can send IMs, it appears as though it’s trying to connect to the internet, though my internet is stable, with no issues on that end.

  • Asad dhanyal

    today my skype is not working i have lost million rupees i am very upset skype owner contect me and give me money,,,, 😀

  • Marina Sanches

    Cant connect im from Brazil and Husband in UK cant connect too.

  • Marina Sanches

    Cant connect Im from Brazil and my husband is on UK cant connect to

  • Miia PascaL

    Down in Chile too ughhhhh -.- fix it!!!

  • shiella simbajon

    Having a hard time connecting… Fr. Phils

  • Abdul Razaq

    Same problem in Pakistan.

    • Waqas Satti

      Abdul Razaq yup skype is not working in pakistan if skype do work in pak so what the benefit for you because in pakistan not electricity no good internet so please down the skype and you should go and sleep… 😀

  • Mike

    the same in Italy

  • Can’t connect to Skype. I’m in Hong Kong.

  • Oxana Bristowe

    I have been experiencing Skype problems for some time now. And today I cannot use it – I am signed-in but it shows I am offline but in reality my internet is working perfectly fine on all devises. Since Skype joined Microsoft it has not performed as well as before it was bought out. Very disappointing, and I am thinking of switching to other apps that perhaps have more reliability at the moment.

  • faith

    skype down in kenya too

  • Fabrice Vincenz

    Does anyone know how long it will last?

    • That guy.

      There’s no ETA. They just say that they’re sorry for the inconvenience and that they’re working on a fix on their Twitter.

      • Fabrice Vincenz

        Thanks 😉

  • Dasdas Dsasa

    Skype for desktop is down but I’m able to sign in from the web and the
    phone version. I’m guessing they use different server clusters for
    different platforms and desktop version servers are down.

    • That guy.

      I’ve seen mixed reports on web and phone skype working. Some people say it does, other’s say it doesn’t. I haven’t tried either myself.

  • hairinka

    Some upgrades for better spying maybe..

  • PapaRimsky

    Ukraine. It’s not working!

    You cannot call. You can only send messages, although your contacts are shown as offline on their status signs.

    • That guy.

      Don’t sign out. If you do, you won’t be able to sign back in.

      • Nadim_M15

        I was too late .-.

        • That guy.

          Don’t worry, so I was. I found out the hard way that signing out would lead to not being able to sign in. I thought “Oh, it’s just a glitch, I might as well sign out and then back in. That usually fixes Skype glitches, right?” That’s why I’m warning as many people as I can to not sign out.

        • Geoff Waite

          ditto. grrrrrr

    • Whiner

      At least you’re able to log in and send messages!

      • PapaRimsky

        Skype is the most popular messenger on the Post-Soviet area. A few people use WhatsApp though.

  • Ernesto Of

    Down in Brazil.

  • Lone Wolf

    Yes, down here in Pakistan as well. 🙁

  • Goku Son

    man this sucks I was working late too

  • Paul

    Down in Afghan!!!

  • Rae Galloway

    Down in Australia too!

  • Meryl Murphy

    Down in East Coast USA, I can sign on my mobile but the it doesn’t show me or my contacts on line. Can’t sign in on laptop

  • hairinka

    Maybe it is not an accident..What do you think? 😉

  • Zee

    Bishkek, Kygyzstan – down

  • Hristo

    Down in Bulgaria too X.x

  • Nyx

    down in Canada too T.T

  • Γιάννης Βέτσερης

    and greece is down in greece

  • Darren

    Philippines too..

  • Pavlos Leventis

    skype down in greece

  • Rezyl Jayawon

    Skype is down in Hong Kong as well!

  • Rosie

    uk no skype too 🙂

  • Tanya Muller

    Also down in SA……

  • R1pcord

    Down in Switzerland.

  • Zvezdan Mrazic

    Skype is down in Serbia too,and in Germany,my brother is in Germany and he can not sing in on Skype…..what is the problem??

    • That guy.

      Currently, as far as I can tell, it’s completely unknown. No one, user side at least, has a single idea /what/ is messed up right now.

  • Siddharth Kapoor

    Skype down in Taiwan as well

  • Kite

    France here, Skype down as well.

  • Skype Desktop, Android, Web.. All three down in Pakistan.

  • Micronet Cafe

    In Sri lanka, skype is down

  • kane lockey

    im in London England and skype is down and my brother is currently in japan and his skype is dowqn aswell

  • i’m form India and skype is down

  • hyunjae Sendiong

    I’m in Philippines and skype is down. 🙁

  • Midnight

    New Zealand here, Skype not signing in here either

  • george

    In Sweden, skype is down

  • Darshak Kakkad

    Mine is working because i was logged in. But only in my network. Not connected with the WORLD.

  • Marcelo Passadore

    in Kaliningrad – Russia, skype is down ((

  • UKR1

    In Ukraine no skype 🙁

  • Alysha B Angel

    mine is down and im in norway

  • That guy.

    Yeah, skype’s down here too. More specifically: Skype is showing the status icon as the swirling arrows. If skype is currently doing this to you /DO NOT/ sign out of skype. If you do, you will not be able to sign back into skype.

    • Devon Hauxwell

      Confirmed for Iowa as well. If you do sign out of skype, the web skype (In beta) is working on my end for now.

  • Mehul Solanki

    skype is down at the moment

  • Get on with Sports

    Yes, it is down 🙁

    • F Cleyson G. Braz

      Skype is donw on Brazil, lol