FIFA 16 price at Gamestop with FUT bonus

We have a reminder that while UK gamers will have to wait until Thursday to play FIFA 16, those in the US are getting ready for the FIFA 16 release date on September 22.

North Americans once again get the chance to play before anyone else and we wanted to give you a last minute heads-up for anyone who is planning to buy FIFA 16 online from GameStop.

We can tell you that the FIFA 16 price at GameStop is confirmed to be $59.99 but if you choose to go with GameStop you’ll get an extra goodie not found anywhere else.


This is a free FIFA 16 FUT Jumbo Premium Gold pack, which contains a total of 24 Ultimate Team items – 7 of those are Rare and 20 of those are Gold items.

This extra bonus comes with any version of the game you order. However if you decide to pay $10 more, you can buy the FIFA 16 Deluxe Edition, which will come with 40 Premium Gold packs for Ultimate Team – distributed over 20 weeks.

Buying the $60 version will only get you 15 Premium Gold FUT packs for FIFA 16, so you may decide to pay the extra $10 and get more content in the long run.

Details on both versions are available above. With just hours to go until kick-off in North America, tell us which version of the game you are getting and if you are buying from GameStop or somewhere else.



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