Destiny Calcified Fragments locations with tracker

Are you still having problems finding all Destiny Calcified Fragments locations? If so, we have some additional information for you to find all locations easier, on top of a new Calcified Fragments tracker that you may want to use.

For those that want to know how many Calcified Fragments are there in Destiny, you’ll need to find 50 of them in total.

Doing so will unlock the rare Touch of Malice exotic scout rifle, which we’ll get into in a separate article.


For now though we just wanted to point you in the right direction to finding all 50, in the easiest and shortest time possible.

For starters, there’s an excellent Calcified Fragments location guide over at the Destiny Wiki which lists all with included video.

Now on top of that, there’s also a Destiny tracker for Calcified Fragments which uses programming app Python in conjunction with Grimoire cards.

Check out all of the new information and let us know how you are getting on with your quest to collect all 50 Calcified Fragments in Destiny.



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