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Marvel Future Fight Alliance Survival Battleworld preview

We have some juicy information for you once again now, with an early look at Marvel Future Fight Alliance Survival Battleworld – an unannounced feature coming to the game soon.

At the moment, players are able to compete in the revamped Battleworld for a choice of biometrics following on from the recent Future Fight 1.4.2 patch.

Now, we can confirm that Netmarble will soon be incorporating Alliances in Battleworld too. If you ever wondered how Alliances could be more competitive – this is going to be it.


It looks like it is going to be extremely rewarding too. Thanks to some image leaks hours ago, the top prize could be 1,000 crystals plus Biometric Selectors for the Alliance that is ranked number one for the week – competing with other Alliances around the world.

From what we gather, Alliances may have to work together to increase their rank throughout the week, then they get ranked based on performance and each member will get rewarded for the Rank that they finish with.

It also looks like the top Alliance member will get an extra prize on top – known as the Weekly MVP reward which you can see from the image below.


This means that Alliances will see a lot more activity, as members will all want to try to get MVP to get the extra prizes – thus increasing the Alliance level in the long run, making it a win win situation for the whole team.

Netmarble has done great things recently and this looks to be another fantastic update in the making. We can’t say for sure how the rewards will be distributed but based on the screenshots above we think we have a pretty good idea of the concept.

What is your reaction to an Alliance Survival Battleworld? Do you think this is a great way to increase Alliance participation and stop lazy players from just using Clear Tickets?

We will update you when we have more details on this – remember it is not official yet so you heard the news here first.



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